11 Things That Are About 1.5 Meters (m) Long

There are millions of objects that are 1.5 meters in length, and it would take forever to mention all of them. Some of these sizes are determined by nature, while some are human’s creations. Many things probably surround you, but you would not know their length without measuring.

 1.5 meters translates to 150 centimeters or 4.9 feet, and you can use these figures for better estimation if you are not familiar with the meters. Instead of going through all the stress of converting measurements, you can read through this list to learn about things that measure 1.5 meters.

1. A TV cabinet

There are TV cabinets that measure 1.5 meters long, especially for TVs with bigger screens. After buying a new television, you need to start thinking about installation. You can choose between mounting on the wall and having a media console in your living room. If you want more storage space and enough surface area, a tv cabinet will work for you.

2. A bathtub

If you are considering an upgrade for your bathroom, you can include a bathtub in your budget. Smaller bathtubs measure 1.5 meters in length and do not consume much space. This is the best type to buy if you want to utilize your small bathroom space without further adjustments. However, if your budget allows, you can buy a bigger spacious bathtub.

3. Garden bench

Simply put, a garden is never complete without a garden bench where people can sit and admire the beauty of nature. No matter the size of your outdoor space, you can add a garden bench to make it look complete. The length of a standard garden bench is 1.5 meters, and this is the perfect size for a smaller outdoor space. Longer garden benches span between two and three meters in length.

4. Micro USB cable

USB cables have become part of our home and office lives. When many people are working between the home and the office, you will find a cable stashed somewhere in their bags. There are shorted USB cables, but the most preferred size is 1.5 meters. A longer cable gives you much convenience because you can transfer data over long distances.

5. A 70 inch TV

TV size is determined by the diagonal length and not the horizontal length. This means that the horizontal length of a 70-inch TV will be approximately 59-60 inches which translates to 1.5 meters.

Knowing the size of your TV can help you determine the best length for your TV cabinet. You can also use this measurement to find the appropriate wall bracket for mounting purposes.

6. Inflatable water raft

Whether you are a beginner or experienced in rafting, buying a raft for yourself is an excellent investment. Rafts are sold in different sizes, colors, and designs, with some having more seating capacity for emergency rescue purposes.

If you are new to rafting, there are 1.5-meter long rafts you can use to test yourself against the waters. Inflatable water rafts are portable, and you can carry them along when going for an expedition.

7. Medium Chest Freezers

If you want to keep your foods and ingredients frozen at home or your business premises, you need to get a freezer. Freezers are spacious and can hold as much stock to last for a few months. You can find a medium chest freezer measuring 1.5 meters with enough space to keep your products intact.

8. 2-seat sofa

Having a comfortable sofa where you can relax and catch a nap is the best part of a living room. If you cannot afford a bigger sofa, many other sizes are available for furnishing your home. In terms of size, the length of a two-seat sofa is approximately 1.5 meters. However, depending on material and sofa design, some two-seater sofas can be the same size as a three-seat couch.

9. A large mirror

Interior design evolves each day, and designers always find new ways to improve living spaces. Today, you find mirrors in bathrooms and living rooms and lounges as part of the interior d├ęcor. Some lounges and living rooms have huge mirrors, spanning nearly 1.5 meters long. They usually have more oversized wooden frames for better aesthetics.

10. An alligator

Alligators and crocodiles are some of the enormous reptiles globally, considering they are both crocodilians. Alligators can record a growth of 6 feet within 10 to 12 years of growth. The length of an average alligator is 1.5 meters, although some grow longer than 2 meters. The longest recorded alligator in the world is 4.5 meters long and weighs 1,011 pounds.

11. A small shark

There are over 1000 shark species, with more being discovered every year. The sizes of full-grown sharks range between 7 inches and 50 inches long. Most of these sharks can measure 1.5 meters in their early growth stages before growing bigger.

The whale shark is the longest shark growing to over 18 meters when fully matured. Meanwhile, the dwarf lantern shark is the smallest at only 20 centimeters long.

Discovering the sizes of things is very interesting, and maybe it would help you if you were to conduct research. 1.5 meters might seem to be small, but after looking at some of the objects on the list, you realize that you will need more space in your room to store them. If your passion is learning about the sizes of things, then we got you covered.