11 Things That Are About 3 Feet (ft) Long

There are quite a few things around you that are 3 feet tall or 36 inches. 3 feet is also equivalent to a yard and a meter, so it’s often used to estimate length, height, and distance. If you can’t visualize how long 3 feet is, this list of common items will help you get a better feel of the measurement.

1. Half a Bed

A typical bed is usually 6feet long, give or take, depending on whether it’s a regular bed or a queen size. This is a size that perfectly fits most people, though you can get a custom-made bed that’s longer if you are over 6ft tall. If you have the length of your bed in mind, imagine half of it. That’s exactly 3feet long.

2. Yard Stick

As mentioned above, 3 feet is equal to a yard. A yardstick is a straight edge or foldable tool used to measure length, especially in construction. It is made of wood or plastic, and many times it comes with jointed parts to make it foldable.

Some people confuse a yardstick with a meter stick, but one is 36 inches while the other is 100 centimeters.

3. Half a Man

The average male is between 5’6 and 6’3, with few going beyond that parameter. If you measure the length of such a man from the heel to their waist or halfway along their body, it will be approximately 3 feet. In fact, most male pants are 3 feet long, while the width varies due to waistline and weight.

4. A 3-4-Year-Old Boy

Does your little boy seem to be growing at an alarming rate? According to the National Health Services, boys grow faster than girls in childhood but then complete their growth earlier at around 16 years.

While girls may be shorter at the same age, your average 3 to 4-year-old boy should be 3 feet tall and growing. This will double by the time they hit teenagehood and then stop gradually.

5. A Baseball Bat

The easiest way to visualize 3 feet is to imagine a baseball bat. Granted, baseball bats come in a wide range of sizes to cater to different-sized players, and you will find them between 24 and 42 inches. However, a standard baseball bat is around 3 feet long.

Interestingly, baseball bats are not the only sports equipment that is 3 feet long. Golf clubs too fall into this length, and they are a fantastic way to measure a yard.

6. 3 Bowling Pins Stacked Together

If you’ve ever gone bowling, you know there are different bowling games, including 5-pin bowling, 10-pin bowling, and duckpin. A personal favorite is the 5-pin bowling because the pins have a heavy rubber band around the tummy area that makes the ball move further when hit.

Each of these five pins is 1.25 inches tall, so if you stack three of them, you will get 36 inches or 3 feet.

7. A Guitar

Like most things made for humans, the size of a guitar varies a lot depending on the type, style, brand, and owner. For example, guitars made for kids are relatively smaller and lighter than those made for adults.

Some electric guitars made for rockstars are also smaller to ensure they can easily play them and dance simultaneously. That said, most guitars are 3 feet long.

8. Length of a Golden Retriever

When ordering a dog from a shelter or any store, most people receive the exact measurements of the dogs available. This is to allow you to decide if you want a big dog or a small dog.

The measurements include weight, shoulder height, length, neck size, and chest. Interestingly, most dogs are between 40-75 centimeters long, except for Golden Retrievers, who are 3 feet long.

9. Half a Refrigerator

Refrigerators may vary in width and depth, but their height is almost the same. A common refrigerator is between 62 and 72 inches in height, no matter how wide and big it is.

This measurement does not include mini-fridges sold today, and it’s only talking about standard kitchen refrigerators. If you measure half of it in height, you will have exactly 36 inches or 3 feet.

10. Kitchen Countertop

In the USA and many parts of the globe, kitchen countertops are made to a standard height, which is 3 feet above the floor. This height is perfect to use when you are standing up, and even kids can reach the counter when they need to pick a fruit or something.

Homeowners can always choose to adjust this height when designing their houses, but 3 feet is the standard size in many homes.

11. 3 Rulers

Most people know that a ruler is 30 centimeters or 12 inches long. We know that because a ruler is the standard of measure children use in schools across the globe.

But did you know a ruler is also exactly one foot? If you line up three standard rulers in a straight line, you will have 90 centimeters or 36 inches, which is exactly 3 feet.

Originally posted on December 8, 2021 @ 12:09 pm