11 Things That Are About 63 Feet (ft) Long

Do you have a mental image of how long a foot is? How about 63 feet? Well, you are not alone. 63 feet is not a common measurement, and it’s probably too long to imagine.

Thankfully, we have a long list of well-known things that can help you understand how long 63 feet really is. If you want to know the length in any other metric, 63 feet is approximately 19.2 meters and 756 inches.

1. Sperm Whale

Have you ever wondered how big some of those sea animals can get? For example, the blue whale, which is the biggest, can grow to 80-100 feet in length. Coming very close to that is the sperm whale growing between 50 and 65 feet in length and weighing 40-50 tons.

What this means is that a BOEING-737, with a maximum take-off weight of 75 tons, can only carry one of these creatures.

2. 3 Great White Sharks

If you have ever watched a shark program, you can attest that the size of this predatory hunting animal is intimidating, to say the least.

The great white shark may not be the largest sea animal, but it’s still huge by any standard, measuring 21 feet or more as an adult. Three of these monsters will add up to 63 feet, which is a large surface area in the ocean.

3. 3 Giraffes

Keeping with the theme, did you know a giraffe’s leg is longer than the average man? Giraffes are the world’s tallest animals, thanks to their long necks and towering legs.

On average, a giraffe is 18 feet long, so you would need 3 and a half giraffes to reach 63 feet.

4. Lincoln’s Head on Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore National Memorial is literally the face(s) of Mount Rushmore in Keystone, South Dakota. The colossal sculpture of the first four American presidents represents the nation’s birth, growth and development.

In the sculpture, the presidents’ heads are said to be roughly 60 feet long, but Abraham Lincoln’s head is slightly bigger.

5. 2 School Buses

With the cost of buying houses increasing by the day, many people are starting to look at old school buses as an alternative way of owning a home. You can simply convert it into a home on wheels, but you have to know the size first.

Typically, school buses range from 20-45 feet in length, but the best bus home would be the full-size options to accommodate all your stuff. Two medium-size buses attached make roughly 63 meters.

6. The White House

There are many interesting facts about the US presidential quarters. For example, it was rebuilt in the 1820s after the British army burned it down in 1812. What most people don’t know is that the north side and the south side of the white house are not the same height.

While the south side is around 70 feet high, the north side is slightly above 60 feet, which makes for an interesting shape.

7. A 6 Car Garage

If you measure your typical home garage, it will most likely be 20 feet wide by 24 feet long. This is wide enough to fit two medium vehicles comfortably for man and wife. However, some people have more than two cars that need to be parked in a secure garage.

Enter the six-car garage, which is 3 times wider than your typical home garage. It is 60-70 feet wide, depending on how big the cars are, but you can build it as wide as you like.

8. Semi-trailer

According to the DOT, the maximum allowable length of a tractor-pulled semi-trailer is 48 feet. However, some states allow semi-trailers to be as long as 53 feet.

When you combine the semi-trailer’s length and the tractor’s head, you get roughly 63 feet.

9. Bowling Lane

The United States Bowling Congress states that a ten-pin bowling lane should be 62. 84 feet long. This is 0.8 feet shy of 63 feet.

The measurement is taken from the foul line at the beginning of the lane to the first bowling pin. The lane must also be lubricated with 25ml of oil to make balls roll over easily.

10. A Six Story Building

According to the UDO’s current height standards, a three-story structure can go up to 50 feet tall, while a four-story building can be 62 feet tall max.

This translates to roughly 15 feet per story. However, if history is anything to go by, most buildings have 10-feet stories, not 15feet. This means most 63 feet buildings have six stories inside.

11. 2 Telephone Poles

Last but not least, if you can imagine the length of two telephone poles joined together, that is how long 63 feet is. Typical utility poles range from 30feet to 60 feet in length, depending on which residential areas they are installed. However, it’s easy to find telephone poles with 60-120 feet height along major highways.