11 Things That Are About 79 Feet (ft) Long

It is not easy to get the scope of something 79 feet long. However, you can tell that this is a long distance. If the length of a standard ruler is 1 foot, you would have to imagine 79 such rulers to get 79 feet. But, to make it easy for you, here is a list of items you can visualize. Some of the things listed are in twos or more to show the comparison to this relative length of 79 feet.

1. Viking boat

Viking boats have always been associated with excellent quality and pirates. They were long, light, and slender, so they moved around quickly. Viking boats or ships were mainly used in battle as they were best for surprise attacks and quick getaways.

These boats or longships measured between 30 feet and 80 feet, but most of them were approximately 50 feet long. Also, most large boats are just about the same length.

2. Garden hose

Garden hoses come in different shapes and sizes. You find garden hoses in 25, 50, 75, and 100ft lengths, but they can be customized to whatever length you want. However, you should know that the longer the hose, the more pressure you need from the source for a strong flow.

Therefore, you might want to get one about 80 feet long. Also, it is not safe to drink water from a garden hose.

3. Airbus A380

The Airbus A380 is the world’s largest airliner. It is a two-story airplane with a passenger capacity of 575 people on a typical flight and a maximum of 853. Additionally, this high-performance airplane reaches a vertical length of 79 feet and a horizontal length of 238 feet.

The Airbus A380 is so big it only lands on specific airports that can handle 1.3 million pounds, which the airplane weighs.

4. Five large SUVs

SUVs kill twice as many pedestrians as any other type of car. Their popularity has led to more pedestrian fatalities in the US. A large SUV such as the Ford Expedition is about 16.66ft long.

Five large such vehicles arranged together in a line, bumper to bumper, would result in a total length of about 79 to 81 feet. The largest SUV in the world measures 35.4 feet long. Therefore, you would only need two of these to get approximately 79 feet.

5. Parking spaces

Like SUVs, parking spaces have a length of 16-18 feet. Most fall under this range, but the value can vary based on their location. Shopping malls, airports, or underground parking zones might be bigger than the average size.

Five such parking zones of 16 feet would give you approximately 79ft and more. There are approximately 660 million parking spots in the US alone.

6. Tennis court

¬†Did you know that Maria Sharapova’s grunts are louder than an airplane’s take-off? According to Guinness World Records, her grunts reached 103 decibels. However, a 16-year-old player, Larcher de Brito, outdid her grunt at 109 decibels.

A tennis court is almost exactly 79 feet lengthwise. Single match courts are 27 feet wide, while the double courts have a width of 36 feet.

7. Statue of Lord Buddha

Erected statues worldwide share a common attribute, that is, they are tall. This is the case for the great Buddha statue in Bodh Gaya, representing Lord Buddha on a lotus flower. The 80-foot statue first unveiled in 1989 in November still stands to date. It goes by the nickname, ‘The 80ft Buddha Statue’, as named by the locals.

8. Blue Whales 

Nature never ceases to be a marvel with discoveries made each day. One such wonder is the Blue Whale. It is the largest animal known to man, even considering dinosaurs. Also, Blue Whales have the biggest babies, larger than most animals at birth and adults.

The gigantic nature of these animals allows them to reach lengths of 80 to 100 feet, with the longest known Blue Whale at 108 feet.

9. Python and Anaconda

The Guinness Book of World Records holds shocking facts and things attempted or existing. For example, the reticular python holds a world record of the longest snake at 25 feet. Some publications also list some anacondas measuring up to 30 feet. Normally, the average size for anacondas is 15 feet for females and 9 feet for males.

That would mean three 25-foot pythons to make approximately 79 feet.

10. Scotland Hills

Scotland is considered the country with the most mountains and hills in the United Kingdom. It is home to Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK. The other nine tallest mountains in the UK are also found in Scotland.

Moreover, Scotland has smaller hills like the Hill of Griesta, with prominence on exactly 79 feet. In addition, Dalhanna hill in east Ayrshire has an elevation of 79 feet).

11. Swimming Pool

Do you know that pool water might be safer to drink than tap water? Tap water has more chlorine than pool water because tap water can have more. However, check for algae before you drink water from the pool. According to the international federation FINA, the length of a standard swimming pool is about 80 feet long. 

In conclusion, various things fall within the 70 to 80 feet range. You might have to imagine five SUVs or three Pythons, but you get the scope. Therefore, next time you want to know what 79 feet look like, think about a Viking boat or a Blue Whale.