12 Things That Are About 1 Inch (in) in Diameter

At some point, you have held something in your hand that is one inch in diameter. It could be a quarter, a bottle cap, or an earring. You will be surprised to realize that most basic things are between 0.5 to 7 inches in diameter. Learning about these things helps you stay in tune with your environment and understand everything that happens around you.

It can be uncomfortable to be randomly asked to name things 1 inch in diameter only to stay quiet. Do not wait for that to happen; go through this list to get a few answers.

1. Canadian coin

The official Canadian one-dollar coin, also called the loonie, is a gold-colored coin introduced in 1987 by the Royal Canadian Mint. The loonie replaces the non-functional $1 bill and features Queen Elizabeth’s image and a duck-sized loon. The diameter of the Canadian coin is 26.5 millimeters which equal around 1 inch.

2. Bottlecap

When you buy a bottle of water, juice, or any liquid in a bottle, it has plastic, aluminum, or a rubber cap. These lids are placed there to prevent the bottle contents from spilling and causing a mess. Like everything else on the shelf, bottle caps also come in different sizes and shapes.

Smaller bottles have 1-inch bottle caps, and you can measure the size by holding a ruler over the cap and marking the edges.

3. USA quarter

The USA quarter is very recognizable with George Washington’s image on one side and circulating since 1796. The quarter is the 25 cent coin that equals the quarter dollar. If you want to make a dollar, you need four of these coins.

The diameter of the USA quarter-inch coin is 0.955 inches which is slightly lower than 1 inch.

4. O-ring

O-rings are rather unpopular objects that not many people interact with daily. These small circular steel or rubber objects block liquid and gas from passing. The O-ring is positioned within a groove to secure them and between two surfaces.

The diameter of O-rings varies, and some measure only 1 inch. These are used primarily on cars or any other engineering process where oil or gasses are used.

5. Watch face

Almost everywhere you go to you will find people wearing watches. You have also seen all types of watches, metal, plastic, gold, or silver. The most common watch faces are square and circle, while others can be hexagonal.

A circular watch face has a diameter of around 1 inch. The watchmaker may use a thicker material to make the edges, so the diameter does not count for the entire watch face.

6. 1-inch button

A button is typically a tiny knob or disk sewn into a garment for fastening it or pushing through a slit for decoration purposes. Shirts have smaller buttons than jackets and coats. Trench coats seem to have the biggest buttons with diameters of up to 1 inch.

These buttons can also be bought separately and are available in different colors and shapes. If you lose one from your coat or shirt, measure the remaining buttons to determine the appropriate button size to buy.

7. 4g measuring cup

When making homemade muffins, cakes, or pancakes, you will use various tools to measure and mix the ingredients. Measuring cups are mostly used to measure liquid or powder-based ingredients for accurate portioning.

Measuring cups are available from 250 grams to 2 grams. They also have different diameters and heights. The 4-gram measuring cup has a diameter of 1-inch and is either glass, silicone, plastic or stainless steel.

8. A small PEX pipe

PEX pipes are flexible plastic pipes that are used for water supply applications. These pipes are low-maintenance and facilitate sufficient water supply in a building. A small PEX pipe has a diameter of 1 inch and should only be used according to the amount of liquid to be supplied.

If you need to supply water over longer distances, you must use a bigger pipe or PVC pipe.

9. Lapel pin

A lapel pin is a small pin that you mostly see on people’s jackets. People who wear lapel pins do not have any functional reason, but they still look good. It makes people more presentable and improves the entire look.

Lapel pins can take different shapes with different colors to represent a country, state, campaign, or fashion trend. A circular lapel can be one inch in diameter.

10. Emoji sticker

Nowadays, you cannot chat with anybody online and not use an emoji. An emoji is a logogram or smiley that has a meaning behind it. It can be a facial expression, type of weather, animals, places, or signs.

Some emoji fanatics print them and sell them to people or stick them on their phones or PC cases. A face emoji has a 1-inch diameter.

11. Keyring

A keyring also is a small metallic ring where keys can be attached. The keyring can be small or big depending on the number of keys you want to add to it. The standard diameter is 1 inch though some are made smaller.

The keyring is often confused for a keychain, although slightly different. The keyring is a ring, and the keychain is a chain that holds keys together. Take note of this the next time you are looking for something to hold your keys.

12. Loop earrings

There are multiple options to choose from when you want to wear earrings. Some are made of precious metals, gems, steel, or plastic. You can also choose from various shapes like squares, rectangles, and circles.

A circular earring has a diameter of around 1 inch, and you may note this when you see one.