12 Things That Are About 35 Feet (ft) Long

Measuring things can be quite fun when you refer to things you would have never known the lengths or heights of. 35 feet is just about 10 meters and 420 inches. It is the length of most buses, whether school buses or city buses.

However, it would be interesting to know what other things add to 35 feet. Check out these things that are 35 feet long.

1. A Yellow School Bus

A yellow school bus measures approximately 36 feet long. If a student goes to and from school every day by bus from kindergarten to 12th grade, they will have taken 4,600 bus rides. Also, school buses were not yellow until 1939, when a professor at Columbia University introduced yellow as a safe color for school buses.

2. 57 Pencils

The largest pencil in the world measured 76 feet and was made by BIC in France. The pencil has a graphite center, and the outside is made of polystyrene, making it bendable. However, a standard pencil measures about 7.5 inches long. Therefore 57 pencils placed end to end will add up to 427 inches or 35 feet.

3. 10 Mailboxes

According to statistics, the US postal service delivers mail to over 142 million mailboxes. 7 million mail pieces are processed every hour, 327,838 every minute. Considering the length of a single mailbox is 3.7 feet, ten such mailboxes would make approximately 35 feet.

4. 4 Horses

Did you know what horses cannot breathe through their mouth? They can also sleep while standing, just like giraffes, as they lock their legs in position and won’t fall over. The average length of an adult horse is 2.5 meters or 8 feet. You would need four horses standing behind each other to make 10 meters or 35 feet.

5. 2 Ford Explorers

Ford is one of the largest family companies in the world. The current CEO Bill Ford is Henry Ford’s great-grandson, and he owns the very first Ford vehicle ever sold. The latest SUV model, Ford Explorer, measures about 17 feet long. Therefore, two of them parked bumper to bumper would equal around 35 feet.

6. 4 Surfboards

Donald Dettloff holds the record for the largest surfboard collection. He owns 647 boards that he used to fence around his property in Hawaii. Surfboards come in different sizes depending on the surfer’s weight, but the most common size measures between 8 and 9 feet long. Therefore four of the 9-foot-long surfboards would make 36 feet.

7. A City Bus

The longest ever bus is the Goppel Autotram Extra Grand from Germany, and it measures almost 100 feet long. It has a capacity of 256 passengers and is mainly used for public transport. However, a standard public transportation bus measures between 35 and 39 feet long.

8. Half A Tennis Court

Did you know that the first tennis court was shaped like an hourglass? The net was also much higher at about 5 feet high. The rectangular court was introduced in 1875, and it now measures around 75 feet in length. Therefore, 35 feet would be approximately half the length of a modern tennis court.

9. 7 Walking Strides

An average walking stride is about five feet long. Therefore, your seven strides would cover a distance of 35 feet. You would need to walk for seven hours to burn off a Big Mac, Large Fries, and a Large Coke. Maybe you should skip that desert? Regardless, walking is one of the healthiest forms of exercise.

10. 7 Queen-Sized Mattresses

The word mattress comes from an Arabic word that means ‘throw.’ It is quite fitting since you always want to throw yourself on your bed at the end of the day.

A queen-sized mattress measures 5 feet by 6 feet by 8 inches. Therefore, when you have seven queen-sized mattresses side by side, the width will add up to exactly 35 feet.

11. Telephone Pole

The tallest telephone poles in the world are 1,137 feet tall. They are in Jiangyin, China, on both sides of the Yangtze River. However, typical telephone poles measure between 35 and 60 feet tall, although some exceed 120 feet. The longer ones are mostly along major highways.

12. Two and A Half Bettle Volkswagens 

The name Bettle is quite fitting for a small cute car. Did you know that this name came from The New York Times? People referred to it as Volkswagen, but the name caught on once The New York Times referred to it as Bettle. A Volkswagen Bettle measures 4 meters or 13 feet in length. Therefore 2.5 Bettles would make 35 feet in length.

It is easy to imagine when referring to horses and pencils. Thinking about two Bettle Volkswagens parked in a line might be easier than 57 pencils placed end to end. However, these things give you an idea of how long 35 feet is.

Originally posted on December 8, 2021 @ 12:27 pm