12 Things That Are About 5 Inches (in) Long

If you are unsure about your hobbies, maybe you could pick up measuring stuff to be part of your life. It is always a fascinating experience estimating and recording the lengths of particular objects. For instance, five inches is not that small, and these objects can fit in the palm of your hands.

If you see any small objects in within your surroundings, you can use a ruler to confirm their sizes. Here are some of the things you should learn about that are 5 inches long.

1. Bookmark

Book readers never go anywhere without a bookmark. This is a small piece of paper, leather, or fabric placed between pages to track the reading progress. You can easily pick from where you left using a bookmark. A bookmark does not have to be too long. 5 inches is perfect for the job.

If you have been struggling to find the exact page on a book you are reading, consider getting a bookmark.

2. Highlighter

A highlighter is used to mark important sections of a book or newspaper you are reading. All highlighters appear equal in size, but they have slight differences. They are mostly bright colored to show the ink color.

 Most highlighters are around 5 inches though the size depends on the manufacturer

3. Candy cane

Candy canes are primarily associated with Saint Nicholas Day and Christmastide. They a cane-shaped candy sticks characterized by red and white strips. The sticks are about 5 inches long though they sell under different brands.

The famous candy cane flavor is peppermint, but today you can find candy canes with different colors and flavors.

4. Nail file

A nail file is among the pieces of equipment that cannot miss in a grooming kit. The rough surface of the emery board or metal is used to shape and smoothen fingernails and toenails. The common length for nail files is 5 inches which makes them easier to hold.

When buying a nail file, the 180 grit is better because it perfectly shapes the nail’s natural edge. Coarse grits above 240 are very rough on natural nails.

5. Blending stump

Artists widely use blending stumps to blend and refine art pieces. When drawing using pencil or charcoal, you need to smoothen the piece you are working on and evenly distribute the graphite.

Blending stumps in a pack are available in different lengths and thickness sizes. 5-inch blending stumps are very common, and most artists like using them.

6. Hair comb

A comb is either a plastic, wooden, or metal tool with a filled with rows of teeth for cleaning and untangling hair. Combs have been used for a long time, nearly 5000 years ago. A hair comb is around 5 inches long, though most are about 7.5 inches long.

The five-inch comb is good for you because you can carry it along with you everywhere you go to keep your hair neat.

7. Hair scissors

Not all scissors you see around are used in the same way. Some scissors are made for use in the kitchen, while some are used in the office. Other types are used for grooming, and they are standard for every barbershop. Hair scissors are shorter than office scissors at only 5 inches long.

A complete grooming kit has multiple scissors and other grooming items you can use. You can buy one to maintain your hair or beard when you are on the road.

8. Tweezers

Tweezers are small metal tools resembling tongs and are used to pick, grip, and carry miniature items that cannot be picked by hand. Small tweezers are only 3 inches long, while long tweezers can be 5 inches long. When shopping for tweezers, you need to look at the tips to be sure.

You will have a hard time working with a tweezer that cannot hold your items. Please buy an entire set with multiple tweezers.

9. Pill organizer

People who cannot take their medication as prescribed can now use pill organizers to ensure they stick to their doses. Pill organizers are suitable for older people who may not have anyone to help them with their medication.

These are small plastic objects with either five or seven slots for placing the pills. A 5-day pill organizer is only 5 inches long because each slot is 1 inch long. 7-day pill organizers are 7 inches long. However, everyone has their preferences, so these cannot be the standard parameters.

10. Candy bar

Candy bars are perhaps the most consumed sweets besides gumballs and lollipops. The chocolate bar is the most preferred candy bar and is made of chocolate and flavor mixes. It can be 5 inches long, depending on the brand. Other ingredients like caramel, nuts, wafers, and nougat can be added to make them more favorable.

11. Router antenna

Home and office routers have antennas that help to improve the Wi-Fi signal and speed throughout your space. It would help if you had a router for better connectivity because Metallic surfaces and walls absorb Wi-Fi signals. Newer router models have 5-inch powerful antennas that improve connectivity over various devices.

If you have a router in your house, get a ruler and measure its length to confirm it fits the narrative.

12. Sofa legs

If you think that your sofa legs have served you long enough, you can quickly get them replaced. Replacing your sofa legs can also extend your sofa’s lifespan. You can pick from the many shapes and designs available that meet your needs. The best size for a sofa leg is 5 inches though some are longer.