12 Things That Are About 55 Feet (ft) Long

To determine the length of an object, you will need a tape measure for accurate measurements. However, most tape measures reach a maximum of 40 feet unless you are comfortable walking around with a bulky tape measure to help you out.

If you are interested in knowing some of the things that measure 55 feet, you should stop worrying about a tape measure because this list got you covered.

1. Articulated bus

Articulated buses are also referred to as tandem buses and are primarily used for public transport. These buses combine two rigid sections joined by a pivot point.

These vehicles are long and with higher carrying capacity than normal buses. Some articulated buses measure around 55 feet long and can carry more than 150 people. These buses are common in many cities around the world.

2. A trailer

It is very easy to confuse semi-trailers for trailers and vice versa. While a semi-trailer does not have a front axle, a full trailer has both the rear and front axle. A trailer is also longer, extending to 55 feet long. Both are used for transporting cargo, especially over long distances.

Trailers are available in two material types; aluminum and steel. However, steel is the commonly used material in many jurisdictions worldwide.

3. Cinema screen

When a new movie is out, everyone heads to the cinemas to be among the first to watch it. Cinemas have entertained people for many years, and many are trying to pick modern trends.

For instance, big cinema halls have installed big screens measuring over 55 feet long. Such huge screens ensure that no one misses the on-screen action. If you wish, you can confirm the size of the cinema screen around your neighborhood.

4. Lap pool

If you have ever watched the Olympics or swimming tournaments, then you have an idea of how big these pools are. The length of a lap pool can be anywhere between 60-164 feet, with most measuring 55 feet.

Some swimmers prefer these extensive pools for practice to give them more leverage in actual competitions. Alternatively, the appropriate size for a home swimming pool should be between 20-40 feet.

5. A Tram

A tram transport system eases traffic within cities and towns to reduce the number of buses and other vehicles on the road.  Trams are also known as streetcars, and they look like articulated buses on rails. 55-foot trams are quite popular, and they can carry more than 100 people.

The largest operational tram system in North America is in Toronto, and it is a key mode of transport, besides being a tourist attraction.

6. A sailboat

The term sailboat refers to a wide range of water vessels with sails. The key determinants of a sailboat include the keels, rigs and sails. Some are called yachts, sailing yachts or sailing dinghies. A large sailboat can measure up to 55 feet long with the sails installed.

It is important to note that a 55 sailboat can be hard to navigate, and that is why most use electric or gas powered motors for emergency purposes. The sails are used for regular sailing only.

7. 4 VW Beetles

By 2003 when Volkswagen ended the production of the Beetle, the manufacturer had built 21,529,464 units. These cars were small and with a shape that mimics a beetle. The length of one Beetle car is 13.4 feet, and if you arrange four of them in a row, you would have a total of approximately 55 feet.

The Beetle is the longest continually-produced car design by one platform, with over 75 years of production. Today these cars are classics, and many still keep them, especially collectors.

8. The KF-21 Boramae Fighter jet

Fighter jets have streamlined bodies that make them glide in the air at higher speeds. The jets also have armoury mounted on them to attack enemy aircraft.

Most fighter jets measure between 31-50 feet long, and newer versions are getting even longer. South Korea unveiled the KF-21 Boramae f-22 that is 55 feet long, with wings spanning 36 feet in length.

The Tupolev Tu-128 “Fiddler” is the biggest fighter jet ever built. It measures 98.7 feet long with a wingspan of over 57.6 feet long.

9. Three tomahawk missiles

Tomahawk cruise missile - Smithsonian Air and Space Museum - 2012-05-15

The Tomahawk is a subsonic cruise missile mostly used by U.S submarine and Navy ships. This missile is enormous and looks like a jet shooting off a submarine. A Tomahawk missile is 21 feet long, which implies that you will need three missiles to get a length of approximately 55 feet.

There are two species of missiles, one is the Tomahawk sea-launched missile, and the other is Tomahawk ground-launched cruise missile which is quite similar.

10. Conveyor belt

Production lines benefit from conveyor belts due to their swiftness in moving raw materials along different production stages. There are portable conveyor belts that can be used for loading and offloading goods in warehouses and storage rooms. A 55-foot conveyor belt can be used in large scale transportation for production and storage.

11. Ethernet cable

Ethernet cables allow us to connect to the internet over long distances. When you need to connect the internet to your router, you can use a 55-foot long Ethernet cable for better transmission instead of radio frequency signals. If you need to connect to the network over short distances, a 5-foot cable will do.

12. A catamaran

Catamarans are multi-hulled watercraft built with two parallel equal-sized hulls. The geometry of these vessels provides enough stability, assisted by the wide beam at the top.

Catamarans come in different sizes, and the longer types can measure up to 55 feet long.  Due to their unique design, these watercraft are appealing and quite costly.