12 Things That Are About 6 Centimeters (cm) Long

Knowing the length of things can help you estimate or measure sizes. These measurements will help you determine the dimensions of things you need to buy or the tools you need for a particular job. Taking frequent measurements saves you time and eradicates the stress of walking around with a tape measure or ruler.

When it comes to measuring 6 centimeters long, you can use a pocketable ruler. You can also consider these things with the same length that you can use to refer to other objects.

1. A lighter

Having at least one lighter is essential for lighting a cigarette, candle, stove, or campfire. A lighter can also help you protect yourself against an attack when you have no other defense mechanism. These small devices are filled with compressed gas or a liquid that lights up when ignited.

Most lighters are 6 cm long, and you can carry them around in your pocket or backpack if you might need to light something later.

2. A golf tee

There is a small wooden or plastic support in golf, called a tee, where the golf ball is hit. Besides golf, other sports using the tee include baseball, rugby, and American football. A tee is mainly short, measuring only 6 centimeters long.

They must be pushed to the ground to leave only part of the head elevated to hold the golf ball.

3. An eraser

When an eraser is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the red and blue Farber caster rubber. This eraser brand is believed to erase both pencil and ink, which is never the case. Erasers can be around 6 centimeters long, depending on the brand.

Such dimensions are standard for the red and blue eraser and other newer versions.

4. A blade

A blade can be as short as 2 mm or as long as 8 feet. It all depends on what you intend to do with it and what it is made of. Small blades are anywhere from 6 centimeters and cut smaller things. If you are out in the jungle camping, you might need one of these to help you get around.

5. A nail

Nails have a variety of uses in carpentry, masonry, and many other fields. Sizes categorize them to serve their ideal purposes. Some nails are built to penetrate through wood, and some are strong enough to go through concrete and bricks. You will find a 6-centimeter nail that is used for joinery work.

6. A PC spacebar

Currently, different PC brands build unique products for their target customers. There are set standards for the number of keys a modern keyboard can have. They could be 101 to 105, with the US standard being 104. The usual layout for the rest of the world is 105.

The space bar is the giant key on the PC and is 6 centimeters long. However, most laptops and PCs today have the 8-centimeter spacebar.

7. A USB stick

A USB stick is also called a memory stick or flash drive. It is a small device that plugs into a computer’s USB port. A USB stick is used to transfer files over devices, back up, and store data. Although newer USB stick models are smaller, early models were 6 centimeters long.

However, USB drives for data storage have diminished, and people are now opting for cloud storage services.

8. A house key

You can install different locks or padlocks for security purposes and keep your property safe. The perfect size for a house key is 6 centimeters, even though every key maker has its specifications for its keys. These keys are made small enough to fit into a pocket so anywhere from 3 centimeters is perfect for a key.

9. The second hand of a watch

Analog clocks had three hands that moved simultaneously to show the time. There is the second hand, minute hand, and hour hand. The second hand is the longest and measures 6 centimeters, followed by the minute hand, and the hour hand is the smallest.

The second fully rotates around the clock to take a minute. After every rotation, the minute hand will move from one mark to another.

11. A bullet

Gun ammunition is sold in different sizes depending on the weapon being used. You cannot use small bullets on a big gun and vice versa. A rifle gun uses longer shots at 6 centimeters to get more range. Handguns use smaller bullets for closer targets.

Handguns are also used single-handedly, unlike rifles that need both hands to operate.

11. A dongle

A dongle is a small device that you use to connect your phone to your PC for file transfer. You can use a wide range of dongles; some are longer, some are shorter, and some are normal data cables. A dongle can measure 6 centimeters and is used for small-scale transfers. PC technology has advanced, and today, people do not use dongles a lot.

There is software that allows file transfer without the need for connecting devices directly.

12. A drill bit

If you have to make holes on a piece of furniture or a wall, you will need a drill. You will also have to decide the drill bit size to create the perfect holes. Out of the many drill bit sizes, a 6-centimeter drill bit can be used to make smaller holes.

You will also need 6-centimeter screws to fit the hole you just created and hold your pieces together.