12 Things That Has An Area Of 150 Square Feet (ft2)

Square footage is a unit of measurement for floor spaces in real estate. Many people buy houses by checking the floor area to determine whether it is enough for the household.

150 square feet is pretty minimal for a house but anywhere from 2000 square feet is okay. However, this post is not about houses or apartments.

It covers a few spaces that have areas of 150ft ². If you have no idea what 150 square feet look like, this is your time learning something new.

1. Storage unit

Commercial storage units are big enough to hold household goods that fit a one-bedroom apartment. The average size storage unit is 10 feet by 10 feet, giving a floor space of 100 square feet.

However, there are storage facilities that provide up to 150 square feet of space for individuals who have a lot of possessions to store.

2. Small apartment

When housing options are limited, there is always the idea of living in a small apartment. Many people are gearing up to small apartments because they are cheaper and easy to maintain.

A small apartment has a floor space area of around 150 square feet. This is enough space to fit a few amenities for comfortable living. There are plenty of YouTube videos with people showing their 150 square feet apartments.

3. Single-car parking space

When you try to check the standard size for a parking space, you will have conflicting results. Some experts recommend around 180 square feet, while others state that 320 square feet are enough.

However, a few parking space options provide 150 square meters of space to hold a small car.

The driver will also have enough space to move around if other cars are parked within the vicinity.

4. 6 Dinner table

When setting up a dining table, you need a decent clearance of around 4 feet. A dinner table of 6 by 3 feet has a surface area of roughly 24 square feet.

Therefore, if you want to get 150 square feet from arranging dining tables, you need to have around six tables.

Once you understand these measurements, you can use them to plan for an event or part, considering every person requires at least 10ft² of sitting space.

5. Bedroom floor space

While some people live in a 150ft² apartment comfortably, others consider such a space as their bedroom.

Modern apartments tend to have more enormous bedrooms, around 150 square feet, enough space for all bedroom needs. The extra space is used to build in the wardrobes, and some may have a bathroom or a walk-in closet.

6. Ground trampoline

If you are looking for a new way to enjoy the outdoors, you can get yourself a trampoline. Most trampolines in the market are portable and can be moved from one place to another.

Ground trampolines are now being embraced by people who have enough space in their backyards. They can be 15 feet long and 10 feet wide which leaves you an area of around 150 square meters.

7. An RV

People with RVs find them more comfortable than living in a static home. They can decide to drive to different locations and park for the night. Most RVs tend to have an area of 450 square feet, with the average floor space being around 250 to 350 square feet.

The smallest RV space so far has a floor area of 150 square feet. Meanwhile, the biggest home on wheels is Will Smith’s double-decker RV which has an estimated floor space of 1,200 square feet.

8. Wall

A house wall can measure around 150 square feet, whether it is a small or big house. Some high walls can go over 10 feet high and 15 feet wide. When you calculate the surface area, you get around 150 square feet.

Knowing the surface area of your wall can help you plan for painting or mounting a wallpaper. You can also use these measurements to determine how much material you need to build cabinets and another interior décor.

9. Patio

Patios can be described as houses that can be used as courtyards only as open spaces. They can either be attached or detached from the house. Patios can be built into different shapes and sizes to match the landscape.

Patios have an area of around 150 square feet, and this is enough space to hold tables, chairs, and any other facilities that the owner might deem fit.

10. Home gym

If you do not have time to go to the gym before or after work, you can install one in your home if you have the space.

The perfect size for a home gym is around 150 square meters if the space is 10 by 15 feet or 25 by 6 feet.

11. 20-foot container

If you are looking for storage space and cannot access a storage facility, you can use a used shipping container. Such containers provide storage space of up to 150 square feet.

You can be sure that this is enough space to fit many household items. A 40-foot container can double the space because it has a surface area of 285 square feet.

12. Horse stall

Horse stalls should not be confused with stables. The stable is the entire building where the livestock is kept. It is further divided into stalls to accommodate each horse.

A single horse needs around 150 square feet of space to move and feed. However, some horse keepers allocate around 70 square feet to maximize the space.