12 Things That Has An Area Of 5 Square Meters (m2)

A 5-meter-long object on each side will result in an area of 25 square meters, not 5. If you have 5m², this means one side must be 2.5 meters and the other side 2 meters. Many curious individuals can often guess dimensions accurately.

However, guessing the area of an object is not easy, meaning you will need a calculator to punch in the numbers to get answers. Five square feet is pretty massive, and most things with such a surface area tend to be bulky.

If you are not in the mood to do the math on your own, take a look at some items on this list that will give you some insight into how big 5m² is. You can use these to estimate sizes when building or designing space.

1. A large table

The good thing about having tables is that there is no limit to how small or how big they need to get. Coffee tables can be smaller, around 1 square meter, dining tables can be somewhere around 2 square meters, and side tables can have an area of 1 square foot.

However, large tables are commonly found in high-end restaurants and have a surface area of around 5 square meters.

2. A king-size bed

A king bed mattress is usually 80 inches by 76 inches (2.03m by 1.9 m). These beds almost look square-shaped, only that one side tends to be longer than the other.

Other customized king-size beds can reach up to 5 square meters to make them more appealing and accommodating.

3. 5 bath towels

Bath towels often range in sizes from 20 by 40 inches to 30 by 58 inches. In simple terms, they range from 0.5 by 1.1 to 0.76 by 1.47 meters.

The area of a large bath towel will be around 1.11 square meters meaning you need around 5 bath towels to get a surface area of 5 square meters.

4. 137 tablets

Different tech manufacturers build their tablets with different sizes depending on their target market and features. Samsung tablets are some of the biggest you can find in the market.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A measures 245 x 149 x 7.50 mm. when converted to meters, it is 0.245 by 0.149, which gives a surface area of 0.03651m².

If you calculate the surface area of 137 tabs, you will get 5m².

5. 1000 playing cards

Playing cards are perhaps the standardized items you can ever find. Deck cards are made using plastic-coated paper to make them easy to clean and durable.

A typical standard deck card measures 3.5 by 2.5 inches. This converts to 0.0889 by 0.0635 meters, giving you an area of 0.00564m². If you arrange 1000 deck cards on the floor, you will get a surface area of 5m².

6. 2 Roofing sheet

The standard size for corrugated roofing sheets can range from 30 gauge, which is very thin, to 6 gauge, the thickest.

These can be 8 feet long and 4 feet wide (2.4 by 1.2 meters). When calculating the surface area of each roofing sheet, you will get 2.88m².

This means that two roofing sheets can give you around 5 square meters.

7. A door

Doors with surface areas of 5 square meters are very common in supermarkets, hospitals, offices, schools, and other buildings with a lot of daily traffic.

Modern homes tend to have bigger doors for increased natural light penetration. Maybe this could be a good addition for anyone who wants to try some interior design projects.

8. A bathroom

The average American bathroom size depends on the type of bathroom in question. A full bathroom in the United States measures eight by 5 feet (2.4 by 1.5 meters.

When you calculate the area in meters, you will get around 3.6m². When the bathroom is slightly adjusted on either side, you can build one with a floor space of 5 square meters.

9. A Jacuzzi

The Jacuzzi bathtub has become so popular that most hot tubs are now called Jacuzzis. There are various sizes of Jacuzzis that carry from two to ten people.

A large Jacuzzi can hold more than seven people with a 7-foot length and 7-foot width because most tend to be square.

When you calculate the areas in meters (2.1 by 2.1), you will get a surface area of 4.4 square meters which can be used to estimate surfaces that are 5 square meters.

10. Kitchen space

When planning a kitchen space, you must consider the space between the counter and the island. The walkway space and the dishwasher to sink space.

A small kitchen needs around 5 square meters of space. These are good for apartments and condos. Single-story homes need around 14 square meters, multi-story houses around 18.58 square meters, and large kitchens around 22.11 square meters.

11. 10-foot container

The external dimensions of a 10-foot container are; length 10ft and width 8ft. To calculate the floor surface area, you will have to use the internal dimensions— length 9 feet and width 7 feet.

When you convert to meters, you get 2.7 m by 2.1 m, giving an area of 5.6 square meters. Even though the calculations are slightly above 5m², you still know how big 5 square meters are.

12. Wallpaper

Interior designs today have gone a notch higher, and you can improve your space at a budget-friendly price. Wallpapers are used to cover walls when painting is not an option or cover an existing paint gradient.

The size of wallpaper you need depends on the surface area of your wall. Most wallpapers are sold in standard sizes of 5 square meters, which can be cut to fit the wall.

Originally posted on February 14, 2022 @ 12:51 pm