13 Things That Are About 4 Inches (in) Long

Residents in regions that use centimeters often struggle with converting inches, finding it confusing. Converting lengths may require the use of formulas or easily understood conversion charts. Understanding measurements of 4 inches can prove crucial, especially when working with smaller objects.

You can also use the sizes to determine whether you can carry stuff in your pocket or not. Below are some objects that measure only 4 inches long.

1. A Credit card

All credit and debit cards are the same size, and you can accurately use them to measure object sizes. A credit card typically is around 3.5 inches long, but you can look at it and see what a 4-inch object would look like.

Most cards try to maintain these length standards so they can fit your wallet to allow seamless transactions anywhere you go. The standard height of a credit card is two inches meaning that placing two cards together gives you a total of 4 inches. Credit cards might change, but the dimensions must stay the same.

2. A Popsicle stick

Popsicle sticks are now becoming popular tools for crafts, especially for DIY projects. Today you can buy Popsicle sticks for making art instead of saving the ones you have used. A Popsicle stick is about 4 inches long and is purely made of wood.

Every year, around 2 billion Popsicle are consumed globally. Thankfully, they are entirely natural and are recyclable waste that does not pollute the environment.

3. Crayons

A crayon is stick-like wax stationery used for writing or drawing. Crayons are often confused for pastels where the former is a mixture of oil and wax, and the latter oil pastels and gum Arabic. The typical size for crayons is 4 inches, especially the types used by more minor children.

Crayons are also sold in packs that have between 6-24 colors. In some instances, people use crayons as candles, burning for at least 30 minutes.

4. Ziplock bags

Ziplock bags are smaller reusable bags with a zipper pressed to lock. They are commonly used for storing foodstuff in the refrigerator. There are smaller zip lock bags that are only 4 inches long and are used to carry pocketable items.

You can store your jewelry, flash drives, or precious stones safely in a zip bag where they will not be destroyed by moisture.

5. A Lollipop stick

Lollipop sticks were earlier made from plastic and were directly inserted into the candy. Today, most lollipops have edible sticks made of compressed candy. A lollipop stick is made only 4 inches long to make it easy for kids to use them.

When making cake pops, you can use a candy stick, peppermint, or cinnamon sticks if you do not have lollipop sticks when making cake pops.

6. Nail clippers

When your nails grow longer, you can use a nail clipper or nail scissor to trim them. There are plenty of nail clippers to choose from, either small or large. Nail clippers are around 4 inches long, especially for adults.

When you buy a grooming kit, it may have four types of nail clippers, including a nipper, scissor clipper, lever type, or guillotine. These kits are priced accordingly, so you will find something that fits your budget.

7. A Jet lighter

Nowadays, you do not have to carry a matchbox everywhere to smoke a cigar or cigarette. We have jet lighters that are more efficient and reliable than liquid-filled lighters. A jet lighter measures around 4 inches for portability.

Jet lighters are mainly used to light cigars because they get too hot. They are also suitable for lighting pipes due to their intense flames.

8. A Cigarette holder

Cigarette holders were invented for women who smoked to prevent ashes from falling on their clothes. The holders were used during special occasions, and even today, they are highly regarded cigarette accessories. Cigarette holders are primarily available in 4-inch sizes, especially for stage props.

The majority of cigarette holders today are made of plastic though they were earlier made of silver or Bakelite.

9. Headpins

Headpins are jewelry accessories, and almost all jewelry makers have a few of these tools. A headpin is a wire with a stopper that prevents the bead from sliding off. Headpins range in sizes from 4 inches upwards.

Headpins are built from precious metals, with the standard materials being gold-plated, brass-plated, silver, or sterling silver.

10. Mini-chainsaw chain

Mini-chainsaws are smaller cutting tools used for light-duty lumberjacking projects. You can use them to prune branches, cut small logs or carve wood. Although they appear small, they hold immense cutting power and are more durable than most power saws.

The replacements chains for these chainsaws are only 4 inches long, and you can replace them independently without professional assistance.

11. A Drill bit

If you want to drill holes into wood or concrete, you need to use a drill. You may choose a cordless or electric-powered drill, whichever works for you. To make a 4-inch bore, you need a 4-inch drill bit to help you keep your project going.

Ensure you use the appropriate drill bit and screw sizes to ensure the structure you are building is firmly supported.

12. Cabinet latches

Latches are used to keep your cabinet and wardrobe doors closed. Cabinet latches are used around offices homes and come in different styles and finishes. Latches are small and are primarily available in 4 inches. They are also easy to fit and can make your storage work easier.

13. Lipstick tubes

Lipstick tubes are cylindrical-shaped devices made of plastic, metal, or glass. To apply lipstick, you have to twist the base of the tube to push up the lipstick and apply it to your lips. A lipstick tube is around 4 inches long. Some brands have liquid lipstick that has longer tubes.

Originally posted on January 25, 2022 @ 11:24 am