13 Things That Are About 50 Feet (ft) Long

50 feet is equivalent to about 15 meters or 600 inches. It will take you about 20 steps to cover 50 feet, meaning it is quite easy to picture what it looks like. However, it is much more fun to refer to the height of animals or the length of structures.

It is educative, and you get to learn facts you might have never known. Here are some things that measure 50 feet long.

1. Sperm Whales

Sperm whales have large brains. Interestingly, they can recognize the voices of their friends and keep in touch even when far apart. Also, adult sperm whales grow to between 50 and 60 feet in length.

2. Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood sign was created to advertise real estate and not movies and stars. The sign didn’t say ‘Hollywood’ but ‘Hollywoodland’ until 1949.

The iconic sign was originally taller than it is today at 50 feet tall. However, it now stands a little lower at 45 feet.

3. Semi-truck trailer

There are more than five million semi-truck trailers in operation in the US alone. They were initially created to transport but later used to transport other goods.

The standard length of a semi-truck trailer set by the federal government is about 50 feet.

4. 2 Extension Cords

Extension cords can be short, about two feet or very long, up to 300 feet. Most of them, though, range between 25 feet and 30 feet.

The longest chain of extension cord cables was 75,000 feet. However, with 25 feet as the standard, two such extension cords would make 50 feet.

5. Garden Hose

Did you know that garden hoses came from firefighting hoses? The latter came first because the need to put out fires was greater than watering a garden.

Since then, different lengths of garden hoses have been made between 25 feet and 100 feet. The most common of these is the 50 feet garden hose which is just the right length.

6. Tape Measure

The longest tape measure in the world measures 180 meters or 600 feet. It is was made by Justus Roe, a tape-maker who gold plated it. Usually, tape measures are double-sided, and they come in different lengths, from 15 to 50 feet.

7. 5 Story Building

The building with the most stories in the world is the Burj Khalifa. It includes a shocking 160 stories and holds a Guinness World Record for the most stories in a building.

However, a 5-story building is an example of an apartment building that measures approximately 50 feet tall.

8. Giant Squid

Female giant squids are larger than their male counterparts. Females can grow to twice the size of the male squid. Even so, giant squids are quite large, with the largest ones said to be almost 50 feet long from the top of their beaks to the tip of their tentacles.

9. Dog Tie Out

A dog tie-out trains your dog to stay out of mischief. Your dog learns to relax and follow your lead. Dog tie-outs can be as short or as long as you want them to be. However, the standard length of a tie out is between 40 and 50 feet long.

10. Oar Fish

An oarfish is considered the longest bony fish in the world. According to Japanese folklore, if many fish wash up on shore, it signifies a coming earthquake. Moreover, oarfish grow to be 600 pounds and measure up to 50 feet in length.

11. 10 Park Benches

The most comfortable park bench is one with a 95-degree angle between the seat and the back. The longest park bench is in the UK, and it measures 1062 feet long. However, the average length of a park bench is 5 feet. Therefore, ten such park benches aligned would add up to 50 feet.

12. Double the Height of The Wall Of China

The wall of china measures 21196 km in length and holds the record for the longest manmade structure in the world.

It is interesting to note that the wall of China is not one long wall, but shorter structures joined. The wall measures about 26 feet in height, meaning that 50 feet would be double the height of the great wall.

13. Two And a Half Giraffes

Giraffes stand all the time, even when sleeping. A baby giraffe will only need an hour after they are born to hit the ground running. As the tallest mammals in the world, giraffes can grow to be 20 feet tall.

Therefore, two and a half giraffes will be equivalent to 50 feet in height.

To conclude, 50 feet is associated with the largest animals in the world, such as whales, giraffes and giant squid.

This gives you a picture of what 50 feet looks like, but it is also fun to know the length of things. The next time you want to know how 50 feet is, picture the height of the Hollywood sign.