13 Things That Are About 6 Inches (in) Long

An inch is a unit of length commonly used in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. Other countries like Japan and South Korea use inches to make electronics and display screens. This implies that people should try and be conversant with inch measurements to identify object sizes. If you convert 6 inches, you get around 15 centimeters.

You can use this length to estimate the length of other smaller objects. Here are some objects that measure 6 inches that you should know about.

1. The Dollar bill

The United States’ one-dollar has never changed its size since 1929. It is 6.14 inches long and 2.61 inches wide. It is the lowest value denomination of the American currency. On the front side, it has George Washington’s portrait and the Great Seal of the United States on the back.

The US dollar is also among the strongest currencies globally because most countries peg their currency to the dollar.

2. A Toothbrush

Having a toothbrush is essential for personal hygiene and keeping your teeth healthy. Each person has their toothbrush preferences and can pick from various sizes or styles available. Some people may prefer larger, fancier, or smaller toothbrushes.

The standard length for a toothbrush is 6 inches, but some can be longer depending on the market needs.

3. Ballpoint Pens

The common pen size for many brands is 6 inches. Pens vary in size and type, but ballpoint pens tend to be shorter than the rest. To correctly get the size of a pen, first, you should measure with the cap on and later without the cap.

Most pen manufacturers try to make their products equal across the line for users’ comfort.

4. Candles

Candles are common in the house, church, or school. They can be used for lighting, decoration, or experiments as required. Most of the candles used at home are 6 inches long. However, due to changing market demands, different sizes of candles are available.

Some are long, while some are shorter. You can choose from scented or unscented candles if you want a house without fumes and wax smells.

5. Smartphone screens

Mobile phone makers are now optimizing their phone screens to get the best of their smartphones. Newer phone models, including Samsung, iPhone, Sony, etc., have 6-inch screen phones doing well in the market.

The 6-inch screen is suitable for mobile applications like gaming, browsing the internet, typing notes, etc. A few years ago, 6 inches was the actual size of an entire phone.

6. A USB cable

USB cables are used to charge phones and other electronic devices with USB compatibility. They can also connect cameras, printers, and scanners to a computer. A USB cable size is anywhere from 6 inches and is convenient for close-range connections and traveling.

Ensure you use your USB cable as required to avoid damaging it or your computer.

7. A wrench

A wrench or a spanner is a hand tool used to grip bolts and nuts to fasten or loosen them. Wrenches are usually sold in various sizes for different applications. There is a 6-inch wrench in the toolkit that is used to fasten smaller bolts. The term spanner is standard in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.

If you do not have a wrench, you should try and get one because you never know when things might need to be tightened.

8. A Screwdriver

A screwdriver is a small tool with a shaft and handles to drive in screws on wood and other surfaces. The screw is placed at the tip then you turn the handle to drive it in. There are different types and sizes of screwdrivers, with the average size being 6 inches.

Before using a screwdriver, you need to check the screw head to get a tip with a proper shape. Screwdrivers are helpful tools you can have around the house because of their multiple applications.

9. Spoons

Spoons are used for cooking, serving, or eating foods. There are also different categories of spoons like teaspoons, tablespoons, soup spoons, dessert spoons, etc. The size of a soup spoon is 6 inches though you have other options depending on your preferences.

Spoons are also valued household items, and some brands make premium-quality spoons of gold, silver, and other special metals.

10. High heels

High heels have evolved since the 10th century to become some of the valued footwear. High heels vary in heel length, and the 6-inch size is trendy.

11. A zip tie

If you have many things to tie, you need a zip tie or wiring harness that tightly holds them together. Zip ties are very effective because they are available in lengths and material depending on how you want to use them. These items are have a standard length of 6 inches.

You can also use them to lock a case or storage unit during transportation, and they will not burst open unless you cut them with a knife.

12. Ointment tubes

An ointment tube is also known as a collapsible tube. It is used to hold viscous liquids like artist’s paint, toothpaste, ointments, or oils. To dispense liquid, you must apply pressure on the base to push the substances up the tube. The standard ointment tubes are 6 inches long with varying diameters.

Some special tubes have a key at the bottom that you can use to roll up and dispense the paste or paint.

13. A vape pen

A vape pen is an alternative device for people quitting cigarettes to consume nicotine. Vape pens are becoming popular because they are considered safer than smoking cigarettes. A vape pen is around 6 inches long to allow for portability.

These pens should be made smaller to fit your pocket or bag.