13 Things That Has An Area Of 100 Square Feet (ft2)

If you try to estimate the size of a small object, there’s a good likelihood that any response you give will be correct. However, for larger surfaces, you’ll either require a point of reference or a tape measure to determine the dimensions and compute the area.

100 square feet is around 9.2 square meters, if that makes any difference. Here is a list that covers a few things with an area of 100ft² that you can use for reference.

1. Sliding gate

Sliding gates are now being used widely in industrial zones and big corporations that experience massive vehicle traffic. These gates need enough space on the entrance to allow the gate to slide back.

A 20 by 5-foot gate will have an area of 100 square feet. They can either be double-gated or single-gated, although double gates are much better because they minimize space usage.

2. Truck scale

When goods are loaded on a truck, operators have to confirm the actual size of the load to determine whether it conforms to the issued guidelines.

A truck scale can span over 20 meters long and around 5-10 meters wide. When you calculate the surface area of a typical truck scale, you will get approximately 100 square feet.

However, this space does not apply to long-haul trucks, which need scales spanning over 200 feet.

3. Sidewalk

A sidewalk is a paved walking space for pedestrians over a street stretch. A sidewalk can have a surface area of 100 square feet. This space is enough for people to walk in groups, skate or ride bicycles.

You should, however, note that this is not the standard size for sidewalks, and every state or jurisdiction provides regulatory guidelines for the construction of such.

4. Rubber flooring

Sometimes when kids play out of sight, they might get injured when they fall on rough surfaces. Rubber flooring is usually installed on kids’ playgrounds to cushion them when they fall.

Most rubber floorings have an area of about 100 square feet. Some parents also consider rubber flooring for indoor use, and if you need one, you have to consider the room dimensions for a perfect fit.

5. Canopy tent

Canopy tents have many uses around the home and in the woods. They are suitable for camping because they protect against the elements.

People use them to protect furniture from too much exposure to sunlight or rain. Canopy tents vary in size anywhere from 100 square feet.

The canopy structure of these tents makes them attractive, and they never hold any water when it rains like flat tents.

6. Big blanket

While this might be unusual, there is a blanket with an area of 100 square feet. This blanked dubbed “the big blanket” weighs 11 pounds and measures 10 by 10 feet.

This blanket is twice the size of a king-size comforter or blanket. This blanket is also machine washable, so if you are thinking of getting one, you will easily maintain one.

7. Woodshed

Wood sheds, also known as storage sheds, serve different purposes around the house. You can either build your woodshed or buy one already made by a professional

It is considered cheaper to buy one than source materials to build one. A shed may have a surface area of about 100 square feet. They are primarily used to hold firewood.

8. 2 cowhides

Cowhide is the unbleached natural skin and hair of a cow or bull. It maintains the original animal color and is a by-product of the cattle food industry.

One full cowhide has an area of 50 square feet. Therefore, to accurately calculate100 square feet, you need two cowhides.

Cowhides are further processed into fine leather to make shoes, furniture, jackets, wallets, and belts.

9. Toughened glass

Toughened glass is commonly referred to as tempered glass and is over five times stronger than standard plate glass. This glass can withstand surface compression of up to 10,000 psi and resist thermal breakage.

Toughened glass has a large surface area, reaching around 100 square feet. Its strong properties do not mean that it is indestructible. The material is predominantly used to make windows, balcony doors, facades, bathroom doors, and shower doors.

10. Pig cage

If you are planning on growing pigs, you must understand that one pig needs around 8 square feet of space. This space is enough for pigs considering they are not hyperactive.

This means you need a square foot pig cage if you have around 10 pigs. While the space might seem small, pigs are not hyper-active like horses. They need somewhere to sleep, eat, and root.

11. 9 Pallets

The standard pallet size is 48 by 40 inches, around 4 feet by 3.3 feet. One pallet has a surface area of 12. If you want to get an area of 100 square feet from pallets, you will need 9 of them.

You can consider this as an arrangement for freight. Today pallets are used to build tables, chairs, and ever beds to show how versatile they can be.

12. Flower garden

A little space in your backyard can be suitable for planting flowers. Flowers are easy to handle plants that do not require too much garden space. Most home gardens used for planting flowers have an area of around 100 square feet.

13. 3 plywood sheets

A standard plywood sheet is 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. This can be used to cover a floor space of 32 feet. You can use three plywood sheets to cover 100 square feet.

The smaller plywood size is 5 by 5 feet, giving an area of 25 feet. You need four of these to cover a 100ft² surface.

Originally posted on February 14, 2022 @ 1:04 pm