13 Things That Have An Area Of 1 Square Foot (ft2)

Determining the square footage of a surface is quite simple. You just need to know the length and width of the object and then compute the area in feet.

Most people are only familiar with inches, centimeters, and meters when calculating the surface area. However, not many are familiar with the dimensions when calculating square footage.

1 square foot is simply 12″x 12″, which is a square. Take a look at some things that have an area of 1ft².

1. 12” by 12”Picture frame

Picture frames have been used to hold pictures on the walls for centuries. Currently, newer frame designs are meant to hold different sizes of photos.

1 square foot frames are primarily used for mounting portraits for the wall or cabinet. Most have 1 by 1 foot dimensions to leave room for the borders.

2. Wall Mirror

Mirrors can be placed anywhere in the house, provided there is somewhere to place them. Modern interior design has shown the relevance of having smaller mirrors in the bathroom, living room, or bedroom.

There are square wall mirrors with surface areas of 1 square foot. You can get yourself one of these at any home improvement store or order online, and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

3. Packaging box

Smaller packaging boxes are designed to hold smaller items that can easily be carried around. To measure the box’s surface area, measure the length of the side. Some have a 1:1 dimension ratio, meaning you will get 1 square foot if you measure using feet.

4. Chessboard

Chess, also called western chess, is played by two people aboard. The game is played on a 1ft² surface to accommodate the squares equally.

This board is usually built differently to distinguish it from other related games like shogi and xiangqi. However, the board can be of any size, provided it is a square.

It is divided into eight sections with around sixty-four squares.

5. A sketch pad

Artists’ sketch pads do not have a definite shape or size. They are made in different shapes and materials to meet various art requirements.

Some brands like Winsor&Newton have sketch pads with 1ft² surfaces. The paper gradient can also differ depending on whether it is used for pencil, ink, paint, or pastel.

6. Square wall clock

Before smartphones, people relied on wristwatches and wall clocks to tell the time. These clocks are still famous today because they touch up the house pretty well, giving it an excellent interior outlook.

Wall clocks are made in any shape provided it accurately tells the time. Bigger wall clocks measure 1 by 1 foot, giving a surface area of 1 square foot.

7. Glass pane

Glass panes can be added to doors and windows to upgrade furnishings around the house. If the glass panes break, you can always find replacements in various sizes. Some glass panes are square-shaped with a surface area of 1 square foot.

If you know the measurement of the door or window, you can quickly get a replacement. These are new ways to transform your doorway or window.

8. Floor tiles

There are a wide variety of tiles available for use around the home. Tiles are sold explicitly by the square foot to help you calculate how much you need for your house. Medium-size tiles measure 1 by 1 foot to give 1 square foot surface area.

Vitrified tiles are suitable for flooring because they can withstand excess traffic. Walls can use porcelain or ceramic tiles due to their porosity and resistance to stains.

Outdoors are best with matt finish or anti-skid tiles to prevent people from slipping.

9. A sheet of paper towel

Paper towels are used similarly to conventional towels for drying hands, wiping surfaces, and dusting. Paper towels look like tissue paper but have bigger sheets measuring around 12 inches.

Most manufacturers make 11 inches by 11 inches towels for better surface coverage. A sheet will therefore give you roughly 1 square foot. Some are, however, perforated to separate the sheet into two.

10. Bathroom sink

There is no standard size for a bathroom sink because every manufacturer wants to use their design and measurements. Nonetheless, you will find most with 16 to 20-inch-diameter sink bowls. Rectangular ones are around 24 inches long and 19 inches wide.

There are also smaller sinks that measure only 1 foot on both sides and are designed for minimal use. You will get around 1 square foot if you calculate the surface area.

11. Cake board

Cake boards are for holding cake after baking to make your presentation and carry the cake easily. Cake boards are either circular, square, or rectangular.

Square cake boards have surface areas of around 1ft². Most boards have a silver look, and they can be re-used to hold a cake or perform any function around the kitchen.

12. Cutting block

Cutting blocks or cutting boards are primarily used for chopping vegetables, fruits, bread, cheese, and any other foods that need cutting.

A cutting board is one of the things that has an area of 1 square foot. There are plastic and wooden boards that serve different purposes in the kitchen. They can also be of different sizes to fit the kitchen counter.

13. Serving tray

A serving tray helps you enjoy your meals or drinks from anywhere efficiently. Some are pretty large and can hold food for three people, while smaller ones are used for one serving.

Serving trays can have a surface area of 1 square foot, enough for holding a plate and a bowl or cup. They can either be wooden, plastic, or ceramic.

Originally posted on February 14, 2022 @ 1:38 pm