14 Things That Are About 50 Inches (in) Long

Sometimes you do not need a ruler to determine the length of stuff. There are many objects that you could quickly tell their dimensions. Guessing accurate sizes can be difficult, but you will find it easy to estimate lengths, heights, and widths if you actively get involved in measuring objects. Fifty inches converts to 127 centimeters or 1.27 meters.

Learning about objects spanning 50 feet can help you find apparel that fits you when shopping. Here are some of the commonly used stuff about 50 inches long.

1. 59-inch TV

When buying a new TV, the screen size indicated on the package box is not the actual length. It is usually the diagonal length from the bottom corner to the top corner. A 50-inch TV will therefore have a length shorter than the screen size. A 59-inch TV is around 50 inches long, depending on the model specifications.

Knowing your actual TV size can help you decide how to mount it or set it on a cabinet.

2. LED panel

LED panels look like TVs only that their specifications and uses are different. A medium-size LED-panel measures around 50 inches. These figures are subject to change according to the display setup. LED panels are primarily available in supermarkets, malls, or hotels for advertising or displaying goods.

Some of these gigantic LED panels include a setup of 4-8 smaller panels.

3. Skiboard

You could use a shorter skiboard for maneuverability and control if you are a beginner skier. Finding the appropriate ski board size depends on the skier’s height. Shorter skis can be from 50 inches long and work best for kids.

If you are taller, do not go for shorter skis because you can lose control. It may also affect you at higher speeds due to low vibration absorption.

4. A Couch

Even though there are standard sizes for sofas to be considered, people are going out of their way to get products that meet their preferences. A two-seat couch should be around 50 inches long, but you can adjust these figures as you wish.

5. Electric pianos

Pianos are some of the most played musical instruments and come in different types. An 88-key electric piano can span approximately 50 inches. These are primarily in producing music and are more versatile than grand pianos.

Black keyboard keys measure 0.54 inches, while white keys are about 0.93 inches.

6. A belt

Belts are have become luxury fashion accessories, and some designer brands cost hundreds of thousands. The best length for adult-sized belts is 50 inches though some could be shorter.

50-inch belts are versatile and can be used for different waist sizes.

7. Workstation sink

You might be wondering how big a 50-inch sink would be because you are only familiar with the smaller ones in bathrooms. Workstation sinks are usually long, measuring around 50 inches and above. They are made of stainless steel and are common in hotels, restaurants, or workstations that involve a lot of washing.

8. Ethernet cables

If you cannot connect your computer through a wireless network, you can use an Ethernet cable. The cable connects your PC directly to your router for stable connectivity. Routers vary in length depending on the distance from your computer to the router. The standard size for an Ethernet cable is 50 inches.

If you want anything shorter or longer than 50 inches, you must get a customized cable.

9. USB charging cable

Charging cables are now more versatile than before. You do not have to struggle in one sitting position charging your phone. Today longer USB charging cables stretch around 50 inches long and are helpful around the house.

You can plug in your phone to charge while you continue using it.

10. A step ladder

Step ladders enhance accessibility when you want to fix things around the house or office. They are easily portable and come in various sizes. A step ladder could measure about 50 inches long and can reach higher ceilings.

You can use it to fix a bulb, install security cameras, etc. There are other smaller versions for shorter ceilings.

11. Dog leash

Long dog leashes are often used to train dogs to respond to commands. A long leash gives your dog freedom, meaning they will listen to your commands. A long leash is about 50 inches long and can be leather, chain nylon, or cotton rope.

If you are looking for a long leash for a dog, ensure you get the best collar material to avoid hurting your pet.

12. A necktie

A necktie is mainly worn for official purposes because they make you look presentable and classy. There are a variety of ties available with appealing designs. The length of an adult-size necktie is around 50 inches.

If you are tying a long necktie, ensure the tip reaches the center of the belt or waistband you are wearing.

13. An aluminum pole

You can use an aluminum pole to build secondary security structures around your home or hoist decorations. Depending on your needs, you can find a pole that meets your building requirements. A sizeable aluminum pole could measure anywhere from 50 inches upwards.

Aluminum poles are more efficient than steel poles because they are lighter and more versatile.

14. Gas bike throttle cable

Two-stroke and four-stroke engine bikes have throttle cables used to connect the body to the throttle. When applying pressure on the gas pedal, the cable opens the throttle to accelerate the bike. If your bike throttle has problems, you can get a replacement.

Many retail and online stores sell 50-inch throttle cables compatible with different bike brands.