14 Things That Are About 80 Centimeters (cm) Long

You simply need to add 20 centimeters to 80 centimeters to make a meter. When converted, 80 centimeters equals 31.4 inches. This can help you better grasp dimensions if you prefer using inches over centimeters. Many everyday objects measure 80 centimeters, but the only way to be sure is to measure them yourself.

If you already know about things that measure 1 meter, then you will have no trouble identifying the objects listed here.

1. Kid’s Guitar

Guitars are fascinating musical instruments, and luckily, there are no limits to who can play them. Both adults and kids can learn and play the guitar without dealing with small tools. Full-size guitar measures are approximately 96.5 centimeters long.

A guitar for kids is around 80 centimeters long, although this is for kids under five years old.

2. Glass panel

Glass panels can immeasurably change your interior and exterior design if you know how to install them in the right place. These panels can be used for windows, doors, showers, dressers, and many other things.

You can buy a glass panel of any size depending on the space available for use. A glass panel for a window can take any length from 80 centimeters.

3. A small keyboard piano

Keyboard pianos differ in size depending on the number of keys and whether it is electric or analog. There are keyboard pianos for beginners that measure anywhere from 91 centimeters to 147 centimeters for professionals.

Other smaller pianos are reserved for kids and measure 80 centimeters. Such keyboards have 66 keys which are sufficient for a beginner to learn.

4. A sword

Swords have long been used for combat in ancient times, and even today, some cultures still preserve them as part of history. One-handed swords are the smallest of all and can weigh around 2 pounds.

Such a sword would have an 80-centimeter blade, and the handle could be longer. On the other hand, Longswords measure about 110 to 140 centimeters long.

5. A one-seater sofa

A one-seat sofa accommodates one person though some are spacious enough to hold two people. Depending on the design, such a seat can measure 80 centimeters. There are set standards for various sofas that most furniture manufacturers try to stick to.

A full-size three-seat sofa can measure anywhere from 177 cm, with 213 cm being the standard length.

6. A doormat

Almost every household has a mat outside their door or inside the house. These mats come in different sizes and shapes for various purposes.

Décor mats can light up your space and make your home look appealing. A doormat is usually placed on the outside and can be 80 centimeters long.

7.  A computer monitor

Today, many offices are moving from smaller computer monitors and are installing flat-screen monitors. Professionals like designers and traders need large monitors to get more coverage and details. A sizeable monitor measures around 80 centimeters and offers more display.

You can combine two small screen monitors to get a more comprehensive display.

8. A soundbar

Music systems are now evolving from home theaters to soundbars, which are more convenient. A soundbar is a single or joint unit of speakers that is easy to install and move around. A simple soundbar for a household is 80 centimeters long.

These soundbars ensure you get the best audio quality from a TV, computer, or laptop. You will not have to deal with wires like in a surround-sound system.

9. Wiper blades

A wiper blade measures between 26 to 32 inches in respect to the manufacturer and the car specifications. Small cars use smaller wiper blades, with the longest being 71.12 centimeters. More oversized vehicles like trucks, RVs, and buses have longer wipers spanning 80 centimeters long.

10. Coffee table

There are different coffee table designs and sizes that, and you need one that will fit your space. This table would benefit you when you catch up on your favorite book or just chilling. Eighty centimeters is perfect for a coffee table, although there is no standard for how big they should be.

11. An umbrella

When it is raining outside, you will always want an umbrella to keep you dry. The size of the umbrella you choose depends on convenience and portability. A standard rain umbrella can measure 80 centimeters from the handle to the tip.

Other umbrellas extend beyond 9 feet, especially those used in gold and outdoor activities.

12. A pet carrier

You can get your dog a portable kennel that you can use to carry it around when traveling. Pet carriers vary in size, and the bigger ones are used to carry pets like bigger dogs or many pups. A small pet carrier can be used to carry cats and smaller dogs.

One carrier can measure 80 centimeters, although it depends on the manufacturer’s specifications on the product.

13. Rifle cases

Rifle cases are mostly elongated with different compartments to hold parts of the gun. Some manufacturers shape their rifle cases to resemble pretty hideous guitar cases.

There are different types of gun cases gun owners can buy. One rifle case measures around 80 centimeters. Depending on the size of the rifle, some cases can be longer.

14. A wall painting

Artists use various canvas sizes to create their art. Wall paintings are some of the valuable pieces of art that are changing the décor industry. Medium size wall painting can measure around 80 centimeters long with the frame.

Originally posted on January 21, 2022 @ 10:24 am