15 Things That Are 7000 Feet Long

If you were to look for a specific item that measures 7000 feet, you would have to search far and wide. Seven thousand feet is more than 2 kilometers long (2,133m), and these measurements are only available for roads, bridges, and other extensive phenomena, natural and artificial. This guide looks at some things that measure 7000 feet or fall within that range.

1. The Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge

Japan prides itself on having the longest suspension bridge globally. The Akshi-Kaikyo Bridge connects Awaji Island in Hyogo to the City of Kobe. The bridge spans almost 7000 feet long, and when the six lanes are combined, they are over 9,000 feet long.

2. Yi-Su sin bridge south Korea

The Yi Sun-sin Bridge in South Korea connects two cities, Yeos and Kwangywang. The bridge is known as the fourth largest suspension bridge globally and with a main span of 5068.89 feet.

However, when the overall bridge length is combined, you get a total length of over 7000 feet. In case you are curious, the whole bridge consumed a total of 24,000 tons of steel during construction.

3. 11 superyachts

The biggest and longest superyacht globally is the “AZZAM” that belongs to the President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The Yacht is 590 feet (180m) long, which means that you will need 11 yachts as big as Azzam to get a length of 7000 feet.

4. 18 soccer fields

A soccer field should measure a maximum of 393.7 feet (120m) long and 196.8 feet (60m) wide. You, therefore, need almost 18 soccer fields to get 7000 feet. The length differences in soccer fields depend on location and whether it is for international, regional or local sports.

5. Six large cruise ships

Cruise ships are the biggest water vessels ever built by man. The largest cruise ship dubbed ‘Symphony of the Seas’ extends over 1,184 feet long overall. Hence, you will need to arrange six similar ships one after the other to get a total length of approximately 7,000 feet.

6. 30 Airbus A380 Planes

The Airbus A380 remains the largest passenger plane worldwide, followed by the Boeing 777. One Airbus A380 aircraft measures 240 feet (73m) long, with a wingspan of 260 feet. To discover how many Airbus A380 planes you would need to get 7000 feet, you need to park 30 planes back to back.

7. The “Anaconda” train

While the standard train freight can extend to a maximum of 2296.5 feet, Indian Railways is always breaking records regarding train lengths. In 2019, the “Anaconda” train successfully ran a 2km haul from Bhilai and Korba railway stations. This length results in nearly 7000 feet of train haul. Until 2020, yet another Indian train ran a 2.8-kilometer haul powered by four electric loco sets.

8. 100 trailer-trucks

A single truck with the trailer-mounted can measure anywhere between 50 to 65 feet as required. If you use 65-foot long trucks to estimate how long 7000 feet is, you would need around 11 trucks. This experiment is feasible, provided you can get such trucks and an open road that extends beyond 2 miles.

9. 8 Titanic ships

By the time the Titanic ship sunk, it was the biggest passenger boat globally. To be precise, the ship measured 883 feet long, or 296 meters. If you lined 11 of these ships with ends touching, you would end up with approximately 7000 feet. The ship was quite heavy, weighing well over 46,000 tons.

10. Ziplines

Ziplines have become the new favorite sport for adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers. These extensive cable lines can extend to over 7000 feet, at almost 5000 ft. above sea level. The longest Zipline in the world is the Jebel Jais, which spans over 1.7 miles long and speeds over 90 mp/h. The bridge is longer than the Golden Gate Bridge.

11. The Southend Pier

The Southend Pier is the biggest and longest pier globally, extending over 7000 feet long into the Thames Estuary. The pier is made of iron piles and hardwood decking that have kept it standing for long. Southend Pier is a significant landmark within Southend.

12. Island Top Walk Trail, Australia

The Island Top Walk Trail is a pretty long hiking trail spanning over 7000 feet long. The trail location is Woody Island, Western Australia and takes less than 45 minutes to complete. The loop trail also provides breathtaking views of the mainland from the peak.

13. Airport runway

Planes and other aircraft need long runways for takeoff and landing purposes. Some airports have shorter runways, at nearly 3,000 feet, while some can go beyond 7000 feet. Bigger airports always have longer runways extending beyond 2 miles to accommodate bigger aircraft.

14. Pingtang Bridge

The Pingtang Bridge in Pingtang, Guizhou, China, was built to shorten the crossing distance over the Caodu River Valley. The bridge is cable-stayed with multiple spans that sum up to a length of 7,000 feet.

The longest span on the bridge measures 1,800 feet with a clearance of 1.020 feet. Pingtang Bridge holds a record for being the second-tallest bridge globally, with a height of 1,089 feet.

15. 466 SUVs

An average SUV measures anywhere between 15-20 feet. If you know how many SUV cars would make 7000 feet, you need 466 vehicles. This is quite a lot of cars, and maybe someday someone will be curious enough to see how long they cover.

There are several things you can use to reference 7000 feet. Whether small or big, you can add the length of objects to determine how many of them you need to get such long distances.