5 Things That Are About 23 Feet (ft) Long

23 feet is such a long distance to cover. To put things into perspective, the height of an elephant in two places is amazing, isn’t it?

This article will be sharing more mind-blowing things that are 23 feet long. 

1. Dog Tie-out Cable

Tie-out cables allow your dog to go outside without being connected to your hand, whether you’re camping or don’t have a fenced area. There are two tie-out mechanisms, and you have a few cable options, albeit most of them aren’t suitable for the purpose.

Simply fasten the robust cable to a large, deep-rooted tree or a sturdy spiral stake secured to the lawn to complete the installation. 

After that, you can let them move around freely inside their designated area. Best of all, tie-outs and cable lines are simple to expand and can accommodate small, medium, and big breeds. For dogs that weigh 90 pounds a dog tie-out cable that is as long as 23 feet. 

2. Garden Hose

Extruded synthetic rubber or soft plastic garden hoses are commonly strengthened with an interior web of fibers. Garden hoses are bendable as a result of these materials, and their smooth surface makes it easier to draw them past trees, posts, and other obstructions.

Garden hoses are also often durable enough to withstand scraping against rocks and being trodden on without being damaged or leaky. 

Spritzers and sprinklers are common hose attachments (used for concentrating water at one point or spreading it out in large areas). Hoses usually connect to a faucet or spigot. They are sometimes 23 feet in length. 

3. Half of Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood sign is located atop Mount Lee in the Santa Monica Mountains’ Beachwood Canyon area. The white capital letters that symbolize the cultural landmark are 45 feet tall in total and half of that will be around 23 feet long.

Due to its extensive recognition and visibility from a variety of sites within the Los Angeles Basin, the sign has been regularly targeted by pranks and vandalism through the years. 

There have been numerous renovations since then, including the installation of a surveillance system to combat vandalism. In 1923, the sign was formally dedicated. It was only supposed to last a year and a half, but the sign became a worldwide recognized emblem during the advent of American movies in Los Angeles during the Golden Age of Hollywood, and it was left there.

4. Tape Measure

A tape measure is one of the numerous tools that are used in the construction of things. It is usually made with steel and enclosed in a case. Using tape for work can be both easy and straightforward. Place the end clip at the position you want to measure from and extend the tape from point to point. To measure spans, most tape measures contain a clip that may be affixed to a fixed object.

Many steel blade tapes feature tension-control brakes to keep the blade in position while measuring spans. 

A crank on the side of the casing retracts the cloth tape on longer tapes. Tape measures come in different sizes and lengths and the most common lengths are 12, 23, and 100. A 23 feet tape measure can be used to measure the gap between walls and studs by builders.

Maintaining your tape measure can also be easy. All you have to do is to retract the steel blade slowly, ensure that the blade is clean and that the case doesn’t fall so often.

5. 2 African Elephants 

Elephants are arguably one of the biggest animals on the planet earth. They are different types of elephants and the African elephant is one of them. These types of elephants can be found in over 38 countries in Africa and they have easily noticeable and distinct features.

Some of these features include their very sharp incisors, teeth that grow into tusks, and their very large trunks. African elephants are divided into two types: savanna (or bush) elephants and forest elephants. 

Savanna elephants have bigger tusks that bend outwards than forest elephants. Forest elephants are darker and have straighter tusks that point downward, in addition to being smaller. The size and shape of the skull and skeleton differ between the two species as well. Usually, the African elephant is 12 feet tall at least, and putting two of it together will give 23 feet in total.