7 Things That Are About 16 Meters (m) Long

16 meters might not sound like a lot of distance but it is still one of those lengths that when measured, will leave the human brain shocked. This is mostly because we do not take cognizance of the length of things that surround us. I bet before now, you had no idea the length of a regular swimming pool

. What if I told you that it is 16 meters long? Shocking right? There is more of such information in this article as we will be sharing a detailed list of things that are 16 meters long. 

1. Buddha Bar Kiev

The Buddha bar is a chain of bars and clubs that is spread across different cities all over the world.

They have branches in major cities such as Paris, but there is something special about the one in Kiev, in Ukraine. The restaurant is large and stretched out across two levels, with the bar on the higher level looking down on the lower eating level.

The interior design is amazing, with characteristic Buddha Bar statement items strewn about. The Buddha Bar in Kiev is arguably the longest in the world with a length of about 16 meters.

2. Kladar Cave

The Kladar cave which is located in Iran is one of the sites in the world that serves as a landmine for archeologists and archeological researchers.

The cave has a length of 16 meters and it is as high as seven meters. There is scarcely any research to confirm the age of the cave but it is speculated to have been in existence for close to 60,000 years. In recent years, cultural remains of ancient humans were found in the cave which provides some explanation and has a link with the present anatomy of modern humans.

3. Residential Swimming Pool

Swimming pools need little or no introduction. They refer to a body of water that is collected to be used for sports or recreational purposes. Residential swimming pools can be found in houses and they are often used for activities such as bathing, partying, cooling off e.t.c.

The dimension of a swimming pool just like its designs is not static. That is people can decide what shape, depth, and size they want their swimming pool to have. However, it is more common to see residential pools and pools in places such as a hotel having a pool that is as long as 16 meters. 

4. Church St. Spirit:

The church was erected in the first part of the 18th century as a promise to the locals, when the fields in Bohinj had been producing extremely poorly for many years, and worms had devoured the whole crop.

The church is tiny, beautiful, and light, with a Baroque design. It was founded in 1473, as shown by the year 1473 above the main door. It is 16 meters in length.

5. Manes Bridge

Although this bridge was opened in 1914 it didn’t become fully operational until 1916. The bridge was erected in Prague, the capital of Czech to replace an old bridge known as the Rudolf footbridge and it was named in honor of a painter, Josef Manes.

The bridge is made of concrete and it is 16 meters long. It currently accommodates cars, pedestrians, and trams. 

6. Card 52

This is the name of one of the largest helicopters in the world. It was designed by the Russian Kamov Design Bureau to be one of the strongest armed helicopters in the world. It can work at a maximum speed limit of 350 km per hour and it is 16 meters long.

It is nicknamed the short crocodile kiss and the helicopter enjoyed the world’s attention for its special features when it was launched even though it is not the largest helicopter in the world. 

7. Lipa Moja

In 1914, the boat Lipa Moja was built in Split. It is 16 meters in length and 4.4 meters in width. A thorough refurbishment was completed in 2017 and the capacity was expanded to 67 people.

The boat is designed for full-day, half-day, and panorama tours. It is currently one of the longest in the world and arguably the longest for a boat that was made in the early 1900s.