7 Things That Are About 300 Meters (m) Long

Many items make up the earth as a whole and their taxonomies are different. This cuts across many elements like weight, height, length, density, and so on. Every now and then, people develop an interest in the length of a particular item. However, it is difficult to tell at a glance how long an item is.

Having a list of items within that range goes a long way to help make meaningful observations. Are you interested in learning about things that are 300 meters long as well as interesting facts about them? Stay tuned to this piece for all the details you need.

1. 3 x 100m Track

Track events are one of the most popular kinds of sport in the world. They are held across various countries of the world and by persons in different age grades. Schools hold track events like 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m, and relay races as part of extracurricular activities for their students. 

A full standard track is usually 400 meters long which is the full length of a relay race. However, the length of track for a 3 x 100-meter race is exactly 300 meters long. The finish line is set at this point with the extra 100 meters getting left out.

2. Three American Football Fields

The rectangular play area used for American football games measures 100 yards by 101 meters between the goal lines, and 48.8 meters wide. The field is covered with grass. Additionally, the end zones extend another 9.144 meters beyond the goal lines to the “end lines”, for a total length of 120 yards (109.7 meters). 

When the term “football field” is used as a unit of measurement, it usually refers to 100 meters, although technically the field is 109.7 meters long, including the end zones. At each end line is a goal, with a crossbar 3.0 m above the ground and goalposts 5.64 m apart extending at least  11 m above the crossbar. Hence, three American Football Fields account for a length of 303 meters.

3. Wells Fargo Plaza, Texas

Wells Fargo Plaza, Houston, Texas

The Wells Fargo Plaza was formerly known as the Allied Bank Plaza and the First Interstate Bank Plaza. It is located at 1000 Louisiana Street in Downtown Houston, Texas in the United States.

In the United States, this is currently the 20th tallest building, the second tallest in Texas and Houston after the Houston JPMorgan Chase Tower, and the tallest glass building in the Western Hemisphere. Wells Fargo Tower is the tallest building named after the bank.

It has 71 floors and a length of 302.4 meters (992 feet) from the ground. It has four floors below street level. There is direct access from the street to the Houston tunnel system only at Wells Fargo Plaza and all other entry points are street-level stairs, escalators, and elevators located inside buildings connected to the tunnel.

4. Three Airplanes

An airplane is a fixed-wing aircraft powered by a jet engine, propeller, or rocket. The shapes, sizes, and wing configurations of airplanes vary widely. In addition to transportation, airplanes are used for recreation, military operations, and research. 

The commercial aviation industry transports over four billion passengers annually on airliners and more than 200 billion tons of cargo each year, which represents less than 1% of the world’s cargo movement. Although most planes are flown by pilots on board, some are remotely controlled or computer-controlled (Drones). It’s no surprise that airplanes can pull these aviation numbers due to a side length of 100 meters. Hence, three airplanes are around 300 meters long.

5. Grand Hyatt Manila

The Metrobank Center is part of Federal Land’s Grand Central Park mixed-use development. The Metrobank Center shares a podium with the Grand Hyatt Residences, a 45-story condominium building. A second building in the complex is the 50-story Grand Hyatt Residence South Tower.

Building pinnacles are 300 – 318 m above ground, while their height to the roof is 250 m. A major tenant is the Grand Hyatt Manila with 66 rooms. The hotel occupies 25 floors and has 461 guest rooms. There are also three major restaurants in the complex, namely The Grand Kitchen, No. 8 China House, and The Peak. 

6. Swimming Pool

Swimming pools, swimming baths, wading pools, paddling pools, or simply pools are structures used to hold water for use by people in order to swim or engage in other leisure activities. You can find pools on ocean liners and cruise ships that are built into the ground (in-ground pools). 

It is most common to construct an in-ground pool from concrete, natural stone, metal, plastic, or fiberglass. Also, the pool can be built either in customized size and shape or based on a standard size, the largest of which is the Olympic-size pool. Most swimming pools are usually around 50 meters long, but custom editions that are 300 meters long exist. The largest pool in the world is around 1013 meters long!

7. Twice the length of The Shambles

Known for its overhanging timber-framed houses dating back to the fourteenth century, York’s Shambles is an old street with old buildings. A great deal of its past history is associated with the name Fleshambles, which was the Anglo-Saxon word for meat shelves used by butchers. Until 1885, there were 31 butcher shops along the street. However, there is none left there anymore.

The Shambles spans a length of about 150 meters. Imagining a second shamble attached to the original one adds up to a length of exactly 300 meters.