7 Things That Has An Area Of 1400 Square Feet (ft2)

There’s a lot to know about measurements and metrics, and since no one can know everything, the best one can do is know a little bit about a lot of things. And, in order to bridge this gap, this article will provide you with a list of things that have a surface area of 1400 square feet (ft2). 

This list has a lot of intriguing items on it, so you might want to read it all the way to the end to find out for yourself. There are also lots of intriguing facts you’ve never heard about each of the items that make the list.

1. A mid-sized double wide mobile home 

A mobile home (also known as a park home, trailer, or trailer house) is a factory-built structure that is carried to its final location on a permanently attached chassis (either by being towed or on a trailer).

They are generally left permanently or semi-permanently in one area, but they can be moved and may be obliged to move from time to time for legal reasons. 

There are many different types of mobile homes, but mid-sized double-wide mobile houses typically have two parts and are roughly 1,400 square feet. They normally feature three bedrooms with a large kitchen, dining room, and living room.

2. Author Christopher Brown’s Home 

The home of lawyer and highly acclaimed novelist Christopher Brown in East Austin is tough to see from the street, and it’s not only because it’s hidden behind a one-acre lot near the Colorado River. The Edgeland Home, which was loosely designed after a Native American pit house by the architects, is dug seven feet below the ground.

The structure’s two distinct triangular roofs mix in with the surrounding environment. In reality, they are very much a part of it because they also function as a small Texas Blackland prairie environment. 

The house is small, measuring 1,400 square feet, and is divided into two halves by a walkway that leads to the back patio.

3. 1,400 square foot snow maze in central Alberta 

With an ice slide, snow maze, lighted skating rink, and a massive ice fishing derby, a hamlet in central Alberta is getting into the spirit of winter. 

Everything an outdoor enthusiast might want throughout the winter months is there over the Family Day long weekend, at Sylvan Lake Winterfest, and at the Big Jig Ice Fishing Derby.

There are also four ice slides and a 1,400 square foot snow maze to explore. The fun continues into the evening, with the ice slides being lit up for nighttime enjoyment.

4. Toronto’s massive LCBO cold room 

The LCBO has launched its newest flagship shop in Toronto’s waterfront region, with over 4,000 goods and the network’s largest assortment of Vintages wines. 

The LCBO’s sampling hubs, pop-up shop experiences for holiday product pairings, and new interactive digital kiosks that offer product information, in-store, and online availability, and more will all be housed in the huge store, which spans around 24,000 square feet. 

This flagship also boasts a 1,400-square-foot cold room with imported and domestic beer and ready-to-drink goods within the expansive space.

5. A 1400-square-foot screen in the Tampa Bay Lightning control room

While the Lightning players are usually entertaining to witness in person, the jumbotron shows can help excite the crowd. All of the magic happens in one room behind the scenes. 

The action on the ice is fantastic, but so is the jumbotron display. All of the action above the ice necessitates effort as well. 

While you have no control over the players, you can direct what appears on the 1,400-square-foot screen above the ice and how the speakers sound. And to make it happen, there are about a dozen members of the control room who are responsible for following out the person in charge’s instructions. 

Six camera operators are documenting the event, there are scouts looking for fans to place on the board, and someone in charge of replays. There is no script. The performers have no idea what’s coming.

6. A private suite on the Upper level of Nauta’s New Mega Yacht

Nauta, one of the world’s most prestigious shipyards, and Fincantieri, a naval design firm, teamed up to create a mega-yacht that will revolutionize the industry with features that seamlessly blend indoor and exterior spaces in luxury boats. The incredible Project Light is the consequence of this extraordinary partnership. 

The yacht’s owners have access to the upper deck, which contains a 1,400-square-foot private apartment with large glass windows and 1,300-square-foot outside space. There is also a studio, gym, dressing room, shower, and a sunbathing patio next to a private pool in this special section.


Shipyards and designers of superyachts continue to experiment with lengths and capacities in order to improve the sailing experience while keeping regulatory compliance simple. Rossinavi’s Portofino 52 concept is created by Team for Design – Enrico Gobbi. She strikes a balance between the two needs at 499 gross tonnage and 171 feet (52 meters). 

The sundeck is one of the megayacht’s most popular attractions. It covers about 1,400 square feet (130 square meters), with half of the room set aside for shady socializing. The dining and seating sections are both covered by a hardtop. They’re perfect for meals at anchor or for watching distant places come into focus.