8 Things That Are About 110 Meters (m) Long

Are you looking to find out how long 110 meters is? There probably aren’t a lot of things that are exactly 110 meters, but joining two or three things may get you that length. That said, 110 meters is not a far distance, and you can easily see the end of it from where you are standing.

If you are jogging, it should take you less than 30 seconds to reach the 110-meter mark. Elite runners like Usain Bolt do it in a mere ten seconds. If you still want to get a better sense of how far that distance is, here are 8 common items you can use as reference points.

1. NFL Football Field

Every football field in the world measures the same in length and width. The entire length of a football field is 120 yards total or 110 meters long, while the width is 48.7 meters.

Things differ in the length of the actual playing field, which is mostly 100 yards or 91.5 meters long. The actual playing field used in high schools and colleges is usually shorter because of age reasons.

2. 6 Bowling Lanes

Let’s keep with the sports theme if you are familiar with bowling. The length of a bowling lane is usually 60 feet long or exactly 18.28 meters. If you joined six of those, you would get yourself a cool 110 meters.

Try visualizing how six bowling lanes would look lined up in a straight line, and you have your answer. This also means that six bowling lanes are the same length as a football field.

3. ¼ of the Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is the most famous structure in the USA, whether you have been to New York or not. Those who have seen its majesty know why it’s so famous, standing tall at 443 meters.

This is quite a distance to climb up and even harder to see if you are at the bottom. Most people can comfortably see only a quarter, which is 110 meters, before they get dizzy.

4. 1/3 of the Eiffel Tower

If you haven’t seen the Empire State Building, maybe the Eiffel Tower will ring a bell. This monumental building in Paris, France, measured 324 meters, including the flagpole.

It is the largest building in Paris and one of the major tourist attractions. If you can visualize a third of the Eiffel Tower, that’s how tall 110 meters looks like.

5. 10 Yellow School Buses

According to the Federal Law in the US, among other nations, school buses must be painted color yellow. This is because the color is easier to see in darkness during early mornings when buses pick kids. Now, a standard yellow school bus is 11 meters long, or 36 feet.

This means if you line up ten school buses back to back, you will get a perfect 110 meters yellow line.

6. 7 Trailers

The federal government sets the dimensions of commercial vehicles and semi-trailers across the USA. This ranges from 48 to 53 feet, depending on the function and design of the trailer.

Purpose and laws aside, seven large trailers arranged back to back without the trucks would make a good 110 meters. If you add the trucks, which are approximately 8-9 feet, that number goes down significantly.

7. Height of a 25 Storey Building

The height of each story in a standard American building is 14 feet or 4.2 meters. This included the ceiling height, floor thickness, and the space between floor and ceiling.

The ground floor level is assumed to be around 4.6 meters. If you do the math, a 25 story building adds up to 110 meters of construction material and space.

8. Length of a City or Suburban Block

Has someone ever told you they only live a block away? Not many people know how long a block is, but it’s a common term used by Americans to describe the distance between two places.

In overpopulated cities like New York and Oregon, a block is only 80 meters long. In other cities like Tuscon, Arizona, a block is 120 meters long. Next time someone says you have walked a block, keep in mind they are talking about an 80-120-meter distance.


110 meters is pretty long and would take some energy to walk around. While running, you will need to run around a standard field one and a half times to make this length. So there you have it. Now you know some items that measure 110 meters.