8 Things That Are About 150 Meters (m) Long

The length of things is always difficult to measure without standard apparatus. This is why most people cannot accurately tell the length of things they see around them daily. In this article, we will be sharing an extensive list of things that are as long as 150 meters which is approximately 0.15 kilometers when converted. 

This list will be mostly filled with buildings because they are easily the item that fulfills the length requirement we intend to write about. 

1. Tour Trinity

This is a skyscraper that is located in the business district of Paris. The construction of this building started in 2016 and it was just completed last year. It has around 33 floors and it’s 150 meters long. It was built to serve official purposes but it has side attractions such as the outdoor spaces and balconies that give you a great view of the city.

2. Skyper

The Skyper is a 150 meters building that is shaped like a very long cube and is located in Frankfurt in Germany. The construction of the building took around 3 years and cost over €450 to be completed. It is on the list of the top 20 tallest buildings in Germany and the top 6000 in the whole world. 

3. Hotel Arts

If you’re in Spain or specifically in Barcelona and you would like to enjoy some beautiful seaside views, you should head straight to this building. Hotel arts is one of the tallest buildings in Spain and it has a lot to offer beyond its 44 stories. The building was first constructed around 1992 with just 10 stories but it was deconstructed and rebuilt to give birth to a 150 meters long building. 

It is considered to be one of the most expensive hotels in Spain but it’s a worthwhile place. It has nearly 500 rooms, 26 penthouses, and Michelin-rated restaurants. With Hotel arts, you also have access to a famous piece of art created for the Olympic Games in 1992. 

4. 150m Running Track

This refers to the surface that is used for 150m track events. It is usually an artificial surface built specifically for the purpose of a race. There are many variations of the 150m running track, while some of them are made with a mixture of asphalt and rubber, others are made with tartan. However, what’s common to most 150m running tracks is that they are 150m long. 

5. Torre Eurosky

This building is the tallest in Rome and it is also the city’s first skyscraper. It was designed in a way that it will give the residents of Rome a glimpse of the American luxurious lifestyle. The building has 28 floors in total and it is located in the city center.

It is one of the tallest buildings in Europe that is dedicated to residential purposes. There are a lot of luxury and well-being facilities in the building. You could treat yourself to a spa, stay fit with gym apparatus or relax at the topmost floor with a bottle of wine and enjoy the view. 

6. Torre Picasso

For quite a long time this was the tallest build in Madrid, the capital of Spain. It has the name “Torre Picasso” because it is located close to the city’s Pablo Picasso square. The tower is a very popular cultural sight for tourists and even people that live in Madrid. It has been featured in quite a lot of movies and it attracts a lot of people every day for being a busy place. 

7. New Orleans

This is the second tallest building in the whole of the Netherlands and it is the tallest residential building in the country. It was built for a period of three years between 2007 to 2010. The building has 46 stories and it is sometimes referred to as “the city at the quayside.” Inside, there are 5 cinemas, one theatre, a swimming pool, and an exhibition hall. 

8. Marienturm

Marienturm is one of the skyscrapers that were recently built in Frankfurt. The structure was completed in 2019 as a part of the Marinsel project. The building was built specifically for official renting and use. It won the German Design Awards in 2018.