8 Things That Are About 305 Feet (ft) Long

Here is an interesting fact; the average length a Facebook user scrolls every day is 300-305 feet. That makes your fingers the fittest part of your body. If you can’t visualize 305 feet, it is equal to 93 meters, 101 yards and 3660 inches. That’s a distance you can walk in a minute, so it’s not very far.

But what else is 305 feet? Let’s see a few examples to give you a better visual.

1. Football field

If you are a fan of American football, you probably know how big the football field is. The actual playing area of an American football field is exactly 100 yards or 300 feet in length. This is only 5 feet shy of 305 feet, but it gives you a clear picture to visualize the length.

However, there is an extra 30 feet on both ends of the field where the ball can travel to once it’s kicked into the scoring area. The goalposts for each team sit at the ends of the playing area, so they are 300 feet apart.

2. Statue of Liberty

The statue of liberty is one of the most famous structures in the world. It symbolizes freedom and represents the United States as a free country.

The actual height of lady liberty is 151 feet from base to torch. However, if you add the pedestal she’s standing on and the foundation, the whole structure adds up to exactly 305 feet. The 11-point star foundation is 65 feet, while the stone pedestal is 89 feet.

3. 2 Airport Runways

Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing like an international airport runway or domestic airport runway. The width and length of a runway is designed depending on the aircraft that airport wishes to accommodate. In other words, the width of a runway will be designed to accommodate the biggest size aircraft they wish to operate in that airport.

That said, an international airport should have a runway wide enough to accommodate the biggest jumbo jet like Boeing 777. That’s a width of 100-200 feet. Two such runways will give you 305 feet.

4. Large Airplane

Speaking of airports, large aircraft are not only long but also wide. This allows the transportation of more people or larger load over long distances and also improve fuel efficiency and man-hours. While most aircraft are smaller than this, the Hughes H-4 Hercules and Ekranoplan KM used in the early 1900s were approximately 305 feet wide.

The biggest commercial aircraft right now (Boeing 474 and Airbus A380) may not be as big as this, but they are very close.

5. A City Block

A block is the smallest group of buildings or areas surrounded by streets. Since the spacing of buildings and streets varies from city to city, you can’t generalize the size of a city block. That said, most city blocks range from 280 to 330 feet in width. For example, the blocks in Melbourne, Chicago, and a handful of other cities are 330 by 660 feet.

6. 30 Storey Building

Considering most building stories are 10 feet long, a 305 feet building should have 30 stories. However, buildings of this size have ground floor level and top floor level mechanical floors.

These floors are 4.65 meters high, and they add up to the overall height of the building. It’s therefore prudent to say that a 305 feet building can only have 27 floors.

7. 6 Shipping Containers

Shipping containers have become more useful than ever. They are used for everything from building houses to making shopping complexes. But how long is a single container the way you see it on the back of a semi-truck? It’s about 50 feet long, give or take. If you line up 6 of those containers, you would have approximately 305 feet long.

8. 7 London Buses

The most fascinating thing about London and Britain in general is its huge two-story red buses. London buses were built to carry as many passengers as possible and reduce traffic in the streets of London. For that reason, each of these buses is around 45 feet long and can carry up to 60 passengers. If you can imagine a fleet of London buses back to back, that’s how 305 feet looks like.

Except for the Statue of Liberty, not many things are exactly 305 feet long. However, the above objects will give you a rough idea of how that length looks like.