8 Things That Are About 350 Meters (m) Long

What is the longest thing you can think of? The Nile River? A yellow brick road? Well, we’re going to tell you about things that measure that’s 350 meters long, and it might surprise you.

Did you know there are things in this world that are 350 meters long, and it doesn’t involve a river or a path made out of bricks? Obviously, the world is full of interesting things, some that are very large. These can range from items you use every day to other objects that may seem strange yet still exist. Here are different types of things that are 350 meters long.

1. 11 Blue Whales

An adult blue whale has the potential of growing up to 98 feet long or 30 meters. By arranging eleven blue wheels adjacent to each other, you will get 330 meters, close to 350 meters. But did you know that the blue whales are the largest and heaviest animal that has ever existed?

They majorly weigh 190 tons. Like other species, they come in different lengths, with the largest having a length of 37 meters.

2. Trinity Broadcasting Towers Conyers

The Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, has a network of over 1800 affiliate television stations. TBS is the world’s largest religious TV channel and one of the most viewed channels in America. It has several studios, with its major studio being located at Trinity Broadcasting Towers Conyers, where it houses three 350 meters high transmission towers.

3. 25 City Bus

The average length of a standard city bus is around 14 meters or 35-45 feet. Its width measures 95 to 105 inches or 8 to 9 feet. If you arrange 25 of these buses next to each other, they will be approximately 350 meters long. The word bus originates from a hat shop located in Nate’s known as Omens Omnibus. That is where the early trials of the first bus line began.

4. Buda Tunnel Under the Castle Hill

Buda is an area in Pest, and its territory spans 425 meters or 1330 feet. Close to the castle hill, a tunnel runs beneath the Buda mountain range covering a distance of 1790 meters. It was one of the first tunnels built in the world. The average length of the Buda tunnel is 350 meters which is almost 1 km long and is the longest tunnel in Budapest.

5.  KTTC-TV Towers

KTTC-TV is a station based in Grand Meadow, Minnesota. Its major studio or transmitter is located at KTTC-TV Towers Hinckley and is 350 meters high. It’s among the tallest building in the United States and hosts several channels airing thousands of programs.

6. Emmis TV Towers Topeka

The Emmis Communications Company has many different studios in America that are located in various cities. But the main studio or transmitter of Emmis TV towers Topeka is located on a 350 m high tower, and they stand apart by 500 meters.

7. WBAY TV Tower

The WBAY-TV Tower, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, has a height of 350 meters or 1148 feet. This tower is the first DAB broadcast tower to transmit analog signals, including TV Channels and other telecommunications. It was built in 1963 by the Allen Northern company at its location, which is only 1km apart from another broadcast tower also owned by Allen Northern.

8. 7 Olympic Swimming Pools

A standard swimming pool measures 50 meters (164 feet) and 25 meters wide. Having seven swimming pools next to each other will result in 350 meters. This pool can, however, hold 850,000 gallons of water. There is also a vast swimming pool known as Casablanca that’s 480metres long and 75meters wide.


Three hundred fifty meters is a long-distance, and we hope that this list of things has helped you get a glimpse of exactly how long this would be. Whether you are preparing to walk this far, run the distance, or simply want to feed your curiosity, this list has given you enough information using everyday items for you to estimate how long 350 meters is.

So, next time you are in class or hanging out with friends, you can impress them with the information you learned today.