8 Things That Are About 70 Meters (m) Long

When anything is described as being 70 meters long, it is, for the most part, extraordinarily long; 70 meters is around 230 feet or 28 times the height of the world’s tallest man. It’s also almost 30 times longer than an artificial Christmas tree. 

So, what exactly are the items that are roughly 70 meters long? This post will teach you about various fascinating objects, some of which are buildings and others which we can easily get on Amazon, all of which are 70 meters long.

1. A Tower crane 

The cranes you see along city skylines are tower cranes, which are used to construct big structures like skyscrapers. A vertical tower, sometimes known as a mast, and an outstretched jib are the essential components of a tower crane. 

The trolley and hook block travel around the mast on the jib, which can spin 360 degrees (this motion is called slewing). Smaller, mobile cranes are frequently used to erect these cranes.

A conventional tower crane has a maximum load capacity of 18 metric tons (39,690 pounds) and a reach of 70 meters, although it can’t lift that much weight if the load is at the jib’s end. The more weight the crane can safely lift, the closer the load is to the mast.

2. New 70 meter high bridge built with Doka formwork

The Max Bögl Group is using automatic self-climbing formwork from specialist access provider Doka to construct a new traffic bridge across the Aftetal Valley in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. 

The new Aftetal bridge will be 800 meters long and rise at a height of 70 meters, supported by six piers that reach up to 66 meters in height. 

It will serve as a bypass for Bad Wünnenberg, which is located between the larger town of Brilon and the metropolis of Paderborn. 

The bridge will relieve traffic congestion and make the 55-kilometer journey between Brilon and Paderborn easier for motorists.

3. Two Bentall Centre 

The Bentall Centre is a 1.5 million square foot office facility and subterranean shopping mall in the financial sector of Downtown Vancouver. Hudson Pacific Properties owns and manages the property. The mall has direct access to the SkyTrain’s Burrard Station.

The Shops at Bentall Centre, a 53,000-square-foot retail mall, connects each of Bentall Centre’s four buildings. The Shops are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and offer a variety of services, restaurants, banks, and retail stores to tenants and customers. 

555 Burrard Street is the address for Two Bentall Centre. It is 70 meters (18 floors) tall and was completed in 1969. This building’s principal tenant is WeWork.

4. Di Vittorio Tower 1, Turin

In Turin’s piedmont intake, the Vittorio Tower 1 is a high-rise structure. It was built between 1978 and 1980. The structure, which is 70 meters tall and has 21 stories, is mostly used for residential reasons. 

The tops of the two wings are connected by a big billboard. 

It was a symbol of the city’s northern growth in the early 1980s when many employees from Italy’s impoverished south came to the more prosperous industrial north. 

A bathroom, a living room with a couch bed, and a kitchenette are included in the Vittorio apartment. It has slanted ceilings and a contemporary design. 

The flat is close to restaurants and stores and has fantastic transportation connections across Turin. The train station of Porta Nuova is 1.5 kilometers away. The cost of a night at the apartment is approximately £81.

5. Edificio nicolás repetto

The Nicolás Repetto Building is a 70-meter collective house in the Caballito neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina, erected by the El Hogar Obrero cooperative. It is one of the city’s largest residential structures, as well as one of the most ostentatious housing complexes of its era. He was dubbed the White Elephant from the start due to his enormous stature. 

The Nicolas Repetto Building was completed on December 21, 1955, and offered excellent amenities for the time.

6. Remora Composite Reels 

The Remora composite reel offers the same popular Remora features at a lower price. A collapsible handle is among the extra features. This permits a larger crank while maintaining a low profile when folded.

Slowly building tension stops them from fleeing, allowing you to fight the fish from the surface. When fish grow wary, dive with a reel rather than a floating line to maximize your stealth, or mix the two for added stopping power. 

These Reels attach to just about every speargun thanks to two horizontal mounting brackets for rail or wood guns. 

It is available in 50 m, 70 m, and 90 m lengths.

7. Panasonic 70m film roll

The Panasonic KX-FA93 fax film roll delivers 70 meters (about 230 feet) of film and is designed to work with Panasonic’s KX-FHD331 fax machine. The KX-FA93 is a monochrome black replacement roll for a thermal transfer machine that produces high-quality, long-lasting prints. 

The KX-FA93 is very simple to set up and remove. Simply open the fax cover, place the roll inside, and close the cover. Each bundle contains one roll.

8. The black diamond 70m climbing rope on amazon 

The Black Diamond 9.4 Dry flawlessly integrates high-end specifications with a long-lasting design that can withstand daily use.

The rope reaches the sweet spot for climbers who demand performance and need durability by combining a 2X2 sheath that can resist everyday wear with a varied diameter that is equally appropriate for intense redpoint burns or projecting sessions.

The dry coated core and sheath repel moisture from the inside out, while the central marker stands out. The rope readily knots and feeds through a belay gear, making it ideal for strong redpoint burns or projecting sessions on both ice and rock.