8 Things That Has An Area Of 10000 Square Meters (m2)

A square meter is a unit of area measurement that represents a one-meter square on each side. It’s commonly used to gauge the size of rooms, houses, and plots of land, among other items. In the following paragraphs, a detailed list of things with a 10,000 square meter surface area will be provided, along with fascinating details about each one.

  1. teamLab Borderless

When it first opened in 2018, teamLab Borderless Digital Art Museum swiftly established itself as one of Tokyo’s most interesting new additions to the art scene.

The museum is a remarkable illustration of how light and color can create an immersive experience for visitors, with 60 artworks spread out across 10,000 square meters.

  1. A City Block (Manhattan)

A Manhattan city block is approximately 200 meters long between the Northeast and Southwest streets and 60 meters long between the Northwest and Southeast streets, with a total size of around 10,000 square meters.

There are around 2,000 blocks in the city, making it one of the most extensive uses of the city planning grid plan in history.

  1. Shanghai Auto Museum Exhibition space 

The Shanghai Auto Museum first opened its doors to the general public in January 2007. It is China’s first specialty museum, with a total floor area of 28,000 square meters and an exhibition area of around 10,000 square meters. History, collection, exploration, and temporary displays are the four departments of the museum, respectively.

The museum houses a collection of over 100 incredible automobiles representing approximately 50 different companies from China and throughout the world, spanning 100 years of automobile history. 

Shanghai Auto Museum is a new cultural monument in Shanghai, providing a space for the public to learn about and enjoy vehicle culture and art.

  1. Gulliver Delta Resort

Gulliver Delta Resort is located in Uzlina, Romania, in the center of a unique paradise in the world – the Danube Delta (10 minutes away from Murighiol).

A pool of 18×10 meters, a children’s playground, a lush garden with swings and hammocks, as well as a place for leisure activities such as foosball, ping-pong, chess, and other games, are all located on an area of around 10,000 square meters.

It contains 34 rooms divided into a main body building and four villas, all of which have beautiful views. Everything is spotless and pleasant, the personnel is friendly and accommodating, and the traditional foods are great ( particularly bors de peste and plachia de peste- traditional fish dishes).

  1. Musée des Arts et Métiers

Musée des Arts et Métiers (French meaning Museum of Arts and Crafts) is a Paris-based industrial design museum that houses the collection of the Conservatoire national des arts et métiers, a repository for the preservation of scientific instruments and discoveries that was founded in 1794. 

It is considered one of Paris’s most fun museums. The museum, which is housed in the former Medieval priory of Saint-Martin-des-Champs, houses nearly 3,000 inventions that make everyday life easier.

In the 10,000sqm space, remarkable creations such as Foucault’s pendulum, Louis Lumière’s Cinematograph, and Clément Ader’s flying machine are on display. Every day, free workshops and demos are provided to make your trip easier. In the museum’s garden, you’ll see a reproduction of the Statue of Liberty.

  1. PATRIZIA Office in Germany 

On Leopoldstrasse in Munich, Germany, PATRIZIA Immobilien AG purchased a 10,000-square-meter office building. 

The firm purchased the building on behalf of a private real estate fund from an unknown private equity firm for an undisclosed fee. On a 20-year lease, the Bavarian International School takes up almost 8,000 square meters of space in the seven-story structure.

  1. World’s Longest Horizontal Skyscraper 

Singaporean CapitaLand, one of Asia’s leading real estate development businesses, has set a world record in Chongqing, China, with its latest building, which connects a series of skyscrapers with the world’s longest horizontal tower. 

The bridge-like structure is supported by four 250-meter-high buildings, forming a horizontal skyscraper 400 meters above sea level. 

The horizontal structure, dubbed “The Conservatory,” is 300 meters long and made of continuous steel. It’s made up of 3,200 pieces of glass and 4,800 aluminum panels, and it had to be constructed on the ground in numerous portions before being hydraulically raised. 

The accordion-shaped structure has a width of 30 meters and a height of 22.5 meters.

The Conservatory has a gross floor space of 10,000 square meters and offers a variety of amenities such as a themed observation deck and sky gardens, an infinity pool, and a food and beverage zone. 

Despite its grandeur, The Conservatory is merely one of several structures that make up CapitaLand’s vision.

  1. Hurghada Museum

The Hurghada Museum is one of the most well-known initiatives in Egypt during the presidency of Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and it was the first time that the government worked in conjunction with the private sector, which provided the museum building and completed the necessary finishing. 

The museum has a total space of 10,000 square meters, with 3,000 square meters dedicated to the museum exhibition hall, where relics are shown, and 2,000 objects from various eras, including “Pharaonic, Roman, Coptic, and Islamic.” 

The museum is also completely equipped with the most up-to-date scientific museum procedures and techniques. It has sophisticated lighting and alarm systems that are in line with current technology. The museum’s building cost was estimated to be over 160 million pounds and it was opened in 2020. 

Originally posted on March 27, 2022 @ 8:59 am