12 Animals That Are 1 Meter (m) Long/Tall

The world would be boring without animals, considering they do a good job balancing nature. Wild and domesticated animals come in different sizes, shapes, and colors that most biology enthusiasts keep learning about.

As new species get discovered every day, there is too much information to learn about animals, which might be hectic for some people. Luckily, you can save yourself some time and start by discovering the minor details.

First, you can make it a hobby to read about the height of particular animals. Read on to discover animals that are 1 meter long/tall.

1. Okapi

The Okapi is an artiodactyl mammal native to the northeastern parts of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is also called the forest giraffe, zebra giraffe, or Congolese giraffe, which explains why it falls under this list of animals that are 1 meter long.

Due to the striped markings, the Okapi may look more like a zebra, but it is closely related to a giraffe. Unfortunately, the conservation status for this animal is endangered, meaning they could soon be wiped out.

2. Zebra

Now that you know the Okapi looks like a zebra, it means that their height similarities could have played a part. An adult zebra can have a shoulder height of 1 meter tall, but some can exceed 1.3 meters, especially in tropical areas.

Zebras are classified into three species, the plains zebra, mountain zebra, and grevy’s zebra. They share the same genus with horses and asses, which explains the similarities.

3. Reindeer

The reindeer is popularly called the caribou in North America and a species of deer native to the Arctic, tundra, and mountainous areas of northern Europe.

Unlike other deers that appear taller, the reindeer’s shoulder height is around 1 meter.

The world’s tallest reindeer has a record shoulder height of 40 feet tall (12.1 meters). But, it’s not a real life animal, it’s a steel made construction:

4. Monitor lizard

The Monitor lizard is native to Asia, Africa, and Oceanic nations, with only one species in America. There are over 80 known species of monitor lizards meaning there are a variety of sizes to consider.

Monitor lizards are known for their long necks, solid tails and claws, and fully developed limbs. Considering such body features, you will find the smaller monitor lizards measuring around 1 meter from head to tail.

5. Tiger snake

Tiger snakes are endemic to southern Australia and the coastal zones of Tasmania and are known to be highly venomous. They get their name from their black and yellow banding that looks like a tiger.

 These snakes, however, do not grow longer like pythons. They only average 1.1 meters, especially the peninsula tiger snake with a robust body.

The tiger snakes in the Roxby islands only average around 0.86 meters.

6. Spiny dogfish shark

Sharks are known to be gigantic, almost rivaling the whales. However, the spiny dogfish shark is different because it spans only around 1 meter.

They appear slim, with narrow and pointed stouts with white spots. The males tend to be longer than females by around 10 to 20 centimeters.

Although it is a small animal, the spiny dogfish shark has venomous spines on its fins, making it a strong predator ready to take on any fish.

7. Giant panda

The giant panda, or panda bear as popularly known, is a bear native to China. This animal is famously characterized by the bold black-and-white coating and a rotund body.

The name giant panda is to distinguish this species from the red panda. The height at the shoulder of a giant panda ranges from 60-100 cm, which categorizes the entire species under animals that are 1m tall.

8. German shepherd

The German Shepherd Dog, popularly known as the Alsatian, is a medium-large size German breed working dog.

It is also one of the most popular dog breeds in America due to its intelligence, making them capable working dogs.

Adult German shepherds grow huge with an overall head and body length of 1 meter. They can weigh up to 40 kgs and live anywhere around 6 to 13 years.

9. Gazelle

The gazelle is one of the many antelope species globally and is famous for its swiftness, running at speeds higher than 97km/h. They also appear tall with shoulder heights of 1 meter and long horns.

Females tend to be shorter, around 60-80 meters, while males may grow over 1.2 meters long. They are classified as Dorcas gazelles, Arabian gazelles, mountain gazelles and goitered gazelles.

10. Octopus

Octopuses are known for many things considering they are a unique animal species. They are categorized as the most intelligent invertebrates globally and are primarily found in temperate and tropical areas of the ocean.

The common octopus can grow anywhere from 1 to 1.3 meters. The most giant octopus ever recorded was 30 feet long and weighed around 272.15 kgs.

Another fun fact is that they have nine brains which they put into good use.

11. Young kangaroo

A giant male kangaroo can measure around 2 meters long, weighing 90 kilograms. The largest kangaroo recorded was around 2.1 meters tall and weighed around 91 kilos.

The red kangaroo is the enormous kangaroo, while the eastern grey kangaroo is the heaviest.

The young ones of these species have a standing height of one meter before they hit maturity.

12. Adult wolf

Wolves are large canines endemic to North America and Eurasia and are the largest extant member of the Canidae family.

The height at the shoulder of an adult grey wolf is between 80 and 85 centimeters, but some grow taller than 1 meter.

They can reach a maximum weight of 80 kilograms and live around 16 years in captivity. Luckily, the population of this species is stable, so their conservation status is still good.