13 Animals That Are 10 Feet (ft.) Long or Tall

When you go to the zoo or safari drive, you will see some of the biggest animals like giraffes, elephants, and rhinos, some of the enormous animals on earth.

These animals also come in different heights, with the giraffe being the tallest at around 19 feet. If you have been curious to learn about animals that are 10 feet tall or long, then you should keep reading as we feed you some knowledge.

Some of these animals exist everywhere globally, while some are endangered species.

1. African elephant

The African elephant is the largest land mammal globally and the second-tallest animal globally. The standing height of this animal is around 10 feet, especially for females.

The male species tend to grow bigger, and can reach around 13 feet when fully grown. The African elephant is often confused with the Indian elephant, which is somewhat smaller.

This animal is native to Africa and Asia, but some have been moved to American zoos.

2. Siberian tiger

It is pretty surprising to see a tiger ranking among the animals that are 10 feet long/tall. When a male Siberian tiger stands on its two feet, it can reach heights of up to 10 feet and beyond.

This makes this animal the tallest tiger and the tallest of the cat family in general. Unfortunately, you are unlikely to see these animals anywhere because only a few of them are left.

The remaining few ones are in Russia and Siberia.

3. Liger

The liger may not seem like a real animal, but it results from breeding a lion with a tiger. These hybrid animals can grow to the same size as Siberian tigers.

Male ligers are pretty gigantic, reaching lengths of around 10.2 feet. However, since these animals are hybrids, you can rarely find them in the wild.

They are exclusively found in zoos and safari parks globally.

4. Polar bear

All bears are recognized as the tallest terrestrial animals to live on earth. The polar bear, however, is the tallest ever to exist. Male polar bears can stretch over 9.9 feet tall when standing on two feet.

Naturally, polar bears are exclusively found in the Arctic Circle, which combines Greenland and parts of Russia and Canada.

The population of these animals is still stable, so their conservation status is not troubled.

5. Asian elephant

Asian elephants appear to be smaller than their African counterparts. Nonetheless, they are still bigger than most animals on earth. They have an impressive shoulder height of around 10.5 feet.

The Asian elephant is popular in southern Asia, including Thailand, Malaysia, etc. The Indian elephant is the tallest among the Asian elephant subspecies.

6. Bengal tiger

The Siberian tiger is the tallest and biggest tiger globally, followed by the Bengal tiger. This tiger is somewhat smaller and has a head-and-body length of 10.2 feet.

These animals are popularly found in India and other parts of South Asia. Besides their massive weight, these animals are known to be aggressive predators.

They can be found in the wild, but most have been preserved in captivity.

7. Moose

Mooses are among the largest land animals on the planet, and when you include the antlers, they are also some of the tallest. An adult male moose can grow over 10.1 feet in standing height while females are shorter, only reaching around 8-9 feet.

These animals exist predominantly in North Europe and North America, especially Canada. Some can also be found in Eastern Europe and Central Europe.

8. Grizzly bear

Grizzly bears are smaller than their close relatives, the polar bears, but are still taller than most animals. The grizzly bear is mainly found in North America and measures around 9.8 feet.

However, they have been identified as some of the most aggressive animals in the wild.

9. Ostrich

It might be uncommon to find a bird among animals that are 10 feet tall. It is hard to tell the size of an ostrich at first glance, but their uniquely long necks tell the difference.

Ostriches can grow pretty tall, around 9 feet, but the male species grow over 10 feet tall.

 If you want to see these birds, you would have to travel to sub-Saharan Africa in Kenya, Tanzania, or South African game parks.

10. Brown bear

Seeing a bear among animals that are 10 feet long/tall is not uncommon. When walking on four feet, these animals measure around 5 feet tall at shoulder height. If that is not enough, they double the size to 10 ft. when standing on two feet.

They are also among the heaviest animals weighing from 500 to 900 pounds. Brown bears are endemic to Eurasia and are not endangered species.

11. Crocodile

Crocodiles are some of the longest semi aquatic animals that live around the African and Asian tropics. These animals are further classified into different subspecies but maintain their physical characteristics.

A crocodile can grow up to 10 feet and live for over 60 years in captivity and is commonly confused for an alligator because they look similar.

12. King Cobra

The King cobra is one of the longest and most dangerous snakes ever. The king cobra builds a nest for the eggs, and the female guards them to hatch.

This snake species can grow over 10 feet in length and weigh over 20 pounds. These snakes are mainly found in Southern Asia and Southeast Asia and are the only member of the Ophiophagus genus.

13. Great white shark

Great white sharks are the most predatory fish ever to exist. These fish can grow up to 15 feet long, with most averaging 10 feet.

They can weigh over 5,000 pounds, making them some of the biggest fish in the world.