13 Animals That Are 12 Feet (ft.) Long or Tall

When you hear about 12 feet tall or long animals, your mind automatically shifts to the wild because it is rare to find such humongous domesticated animals.

This judgment is entirely accurate because such animals need too much feeding space, which cannot be provided at home.

Learning about the sizes of animals can help you build interest in biology, considering nature always has something new to present.

If you ever come across something interesting, take a moment to read and learn. On the same note, take a look at this list of 12 feet long/tall animals to understand how animals differ in size.

1. Rhinoceros

The rhinoceros, preferably known as the rhino, is a member of the five extant species of the odd-toed angulates.

The rhino is also one of the giant land mammals after elephants because of its massive body structure.

A typical adult rhino is over 12 feet long, excluding the tail, from the nose to the back. Two of these species exist in Africa, while the other three are primarily found in Southeast Asia.

2. Buffalo

The African buffalo is a pretty massive animal found mainly in sub-Saharan Africa. These animals average 12 feet, but male adults can grow more significantly than 13 feet.

Buffalos are mostly confused with cattle because they have the same feeding and breeding habits. However, the difference lies in the buffalo being a separate bovine species.

3. Great white shark

As it is commonly known, the white shark is a large mackerel shark species that can be found in every coastal surface water of the world’s oceans.

This animal species is an aggressive predator with its muscular 12-foot body that can chase after fast swimmers. It weighs over 2 tons and can dive deeper for predatory escapades.

4. Dromedary camel

The dromedary camel is also referred to as the Arabian camel with a single hump on the back. It is the tallest of the three camel species and one of the tallest animals on earth at around 6.6 feet.

These gigantic animals are built to survive hostile desert conditions. The head-body length of a dromedary camel is around 7.2-12 feet.

5. Adult bison

The American bison is a gigantic mammal in North America, considering it can grow to between 7 and 12 feet long, from the head to its rump.

The tail adds roughly 23.5 inches and the whole animal weighs nearly 2,200 pounds when fully grown. Bison are commonly referred to as buffalos, a general term for bovines.

The other existing bison species is the European bison.

6. Python

Pythons are the longest snakes globally, considering they can grow over 20 feet long.

The Burmese python averages around 12 feet in length, while other Asian species in China and India can grow over 26 feet.

The longest snake globally is a reticulated python that measures 20ft 10 in.

7. Crocodile

Crocodiles are giant reptiles that live in tropical areas of Asia, Africa, Australia, and America. They are also some of the most aggressive predatory animals living in rivers and lakes worldwide.

Their pure carnivorous diet grows over 12 feet and lives over 70 years.

The longest crocodile in captivity, “Lolong,” was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records and measured around 20ft 3in.

8. Hippo

The hippopotamus is also known as the common hippopotamus, river hippopotamus, and hippo. This animal is one of the largest semi aquatic mammals that feed primarily on an herbivorous diet.

Hippos experience massive growth throughout their lives and can reach lengths of up to 12 feet and weigh about 3000 pounds.

A hippo’s height at the shoulder is 5.2 feet at most.

9. Giant squid

The giant squid is among the gigantic invertebrates and the second-largest mollusk after the colossal squid.

These animals live deep in the sea and can grow to a massive 12 feet average. However, recent estimates have proven that females can grow up to 39 feet while males only reach 32 feet.

It has a beak, two eyes, two feeding tentacles, and eight arms but is larger than all octopus-like squids.

10. Alligator

The alligator is a crocodilian species in the genus Alligator of the Alligatoridae family. There are only two existing species of these animals, the American alligator, and the Chinese alligator.

Several other extinct alligator species have been used for studies. Alligators grow up to 12 feet and the largest to be recorded in the world weighed 1,011.5 pounds at a length of 15ft 9in.

11. Tiger shark

The tiger shark is a requiem shark species and the only existing member of the Galeocerdo genus.

This humongous micro predator can grow to 12 feet when fully matured, with a few reaching the 16-foot mark.

They are primarily found in temperate and tropical waters around the central pacific islands. They are also known for the second-highest shark attacks on humans after the great white.

12. Smalltooth Sawfish

Smalltooth sawfish mostly live in estuarine and coastal parts of the Atlantic Ocean. Any other sightings of the fish have been claimed to be misidentifying different sawfish species.

The smalltooth sawfish is characterized by a saw-like tip and a shark-like body. Biologists have not yet identified the actual size of these fish, but mature males can grow around 11 feet long while females can reach 12 feet.

13. Black mamba

The black mamba is the longest venomous snake in Africa and can grow to around 12 feet. They mostly live in rocky and savanna hills of eastern and southern Africa.

They are also the fastest snakes globally and can slither to around 12.5mp/h.