13 Animals That Are 2 Meters (m) Long or Tall

There are different units of measurement that can be used to record the sizes of animals. Some use feet, meters, inches, centimeters or millimeters for presentable findings.

Depending on the jurisdiction, big animals’ measurements are taken in feet or meters. You can take some time to figure out the sizes of the biggest to the most miniature animals. 2 meters is pretty gigantic for an animal which explains their feeding habits.

If you are interested in learning about the sizes of various animals, take a look at this list to discover animals 2 meters long/tall.

1. Camel

Camels are known for even toe angulation, long necks, and humps. These animals can grow to a length of 2 meters. Currently, there are only three surviving camel species.

The one-humped dromedary camel makes up 94% of the entire population, and the Bactrian covers the other 6%. The wild Bactrian camel is endangered.

They are spread all over Central Asia, the Sahara Desert, the Middle East, Australia, and South Asia.

2. Bottlenose dolphin

The common bottlenose dolphin is also known as the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin is a familiar dolphin species globally. This species can grow between 2 and 4 meters, depending on the environment.

This is the same dolphin kept in captivity in marine parks and frequently shown in movies and TV.

The bottlenose dolphin can live over 60 years and weigh around 1300 pounds when fully mature.

3. Lion

The lion is native to Africa and India and is known to be the king of the jungle for its dominance over other wild animals.

Lions are recognized by their muscular, deep-chested bodies, short legs, round ears, and hairy tuft on the tail end. Males grow larger than females at 2 meters long and have a pronounced mane.

Fossil findings indicate that the largest Eurasian cave lion reached around 6 feet 11 without the tail.

4. Indochinese tiger

The Indochinese tiger is mainly found in Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos in Southeast Asia. They are considered smaller than the Bengal and Siberian tigers and can grow over 2 meters long.

By 2011, it was believed that there were roughly 342 living Indochinese tigers with zero breeding in Cambodia and China.

5. Jaguar

Jaguars are large cat species native to South, Central, and North America and with a maximum body length of 2 meters.

The jaguar is also the largest cat species in America and the third-largest worldwide. They are predatory animals that can run at 80km/h.

Unfortunately, their population is threatened and is decreasing at an alarming rate.

6. Kangaroo

Kangaroos are marsupials that are commonly found in New Guinea and Australia. The red kangaroo can grow pretty tall, reaching around 2 meters long when standing on two feet.

It is also known as the largest living marsupial worldwide and lives mostly in semi-arid and arid areas of Australia.

Many people believe that red kangaroos take up most of the kangaroo population in Australia, but eastern grey kangaroos are the largest population.

7. Llama

The llama is a camelid mostly domesticated in South America and North America. They are social animals that live in herds.

Unlike other camel species, the llama grows around 2 meters tall and has softer wool with a bit of lanolin. They are pretty adaptive animals which explains why people love them.

They can learn repetitive tasks within a few trials.

8. Galapagos tortoise

The Galapagos tortoise is exclusively found in the seven Galapagos Islands. Their populations have different shell sizes and shapes and are the largest living tortoise species.

The modern tortoises are over 2 meters long and weigh around 417 kilograms.

Considering they have a lifespan of more than 100 years, these vertebrates can live up to 177 years.

9. Ostrich

The tallest bird in the world also counts among the animals that are 2 meters tall. Generally, ostriches also rank among the tallest animals globally because of their long legs, neck, and massive body.

There are only two ostrich species left, the common ostrich and the Somali ostrich. Even though they are flightless, they can run at over 70 km/h with one stride covering more than 5 meters.

10. Pig

Pigs are explicitly reared for their meat. They are considered subspecies of the Eurasian boars because of their body features. Different pig breeds possess various characteristics.

Some grow to maturity but remain smaller, while some can reach over 2 meters when fully grown.

Even though pigs are considered dirty animals, they only roll in the mud to cool off their bodies.

11. A horse

A horse is domesticated at home for various purposes. Some keep it for its aesthetic beauty, while some use it for races and sports.

Horses are some of the tallest and longest animals on earth, considering they grow to over 2.4 meters, from nose to tail.

The average length is around 2 meters depending on the breed.

12. Nile perch

The Nile perch is one of the biggest freshwater fish and one of the most invasive animal species. The fish is predominantly found in Lake Victoria in East Africa, not its original habitat.

This fish species can grow over 2 meters long, considering their feeding habits. They are solely responsible for the extinction of various native cichlid species in the region.

13. Reindeer

Male reindeers grow pretty huge and can measure around 2.1 meters shoulder height. On the other hand, females can only reach a maximum of 1.8 meters.

Their sizes seem somewhat proportional because most fully grown reindeers can reach 2 meters long when measured from nose to tail.

They are endemic to the Arctic, tundra, subarctic, boreal, and mountain regions of Siberia, Europe, and North America.