8 Things That Are About 150 Meters (m) Long

The length of things is always difficult to measure without standard apparatus. This is why most people cannot accurately tell the length of things they see around them daily. In this article, we will be sharing an extensive list of things that are as long as 150 meters which is approximately 0.15 kilometers when converted.  … Read more

7 Things That Are About 4 Meters (m) Long

So many items are built daily with different lengths. Common units of measurement of the length of things include meters, centimeters, feet and so many others. Preference dictates which unit is used since there are converters for each individual unit. The SI measurement system uses the meter as its basic unit of length. The meter … Read more

6 Things that Are About 37 Meters (m) Long

Lots of items have a distinct and unthinkable length. At a glance, it’s almost impossible to tell how long a particular thing is. However, having a list of a couple of things that have that length might help make precise or almost precise guesses about the length of a particular thing.  Looking for things that … Read more

9 Things That Are About 20 Meters (m) Long

Measurement tools improve the quality and quantity of our lives by making them easier and safer. The ability to precisely quantify physical qualities has arguably enormous survival value, providing humans with an adaptive, evolutionary advantage refined over thousands of years of natural selection. In this piece, things that are 20 meters long will be listed … Read more

11 Things That Are About 1 Meter (m) Long


If you don’t have a meter stick at home, it can be a challenge to visualize the length of 1 meter. In fact, until recently, only a prototype meter made of platinum was exactly one meter. Thankfully, today there are many things right in your home that are 1 meter long. Next time you want … Read more