7 Things That Has An Area Of 1400 Square Feet (ft2)

There’s a lot to know about measurements and metrics, and since no one can know everything, the best one can do is know a little bit about a lot of things. And, in order to bridge this gap, this article will provide you with a list of things that have a surface area of 1400 … Read more

8 Things That Has An Area Of 10000 Square Meters (m2)

A square meter is a unit of area measurement that equals a one-meter square on each side. It’s used to measure the size of rooms, houses, and blocks of land, among other things. In the next paragraphs, a thorough list of things with a 10000 square meter surface area will be presented, along with intriguing … Read more

8 Things That Has an Area of 15000 Square Feet (ft2)

An area is the measurement of any two-dimensional region confined by a set of lines, and square feet is a measurement of area. It’s crucial to remember that a square foot doesn’t have to be in the shape of a square. All area measurements are simply represented in square units, with the standard foot serving … Read more

14 Things That Have An Area Of 200 Square Feet (ft2)

Most people in the construction industry are familiar with surface areas because it guides them when building. Even though most countries use meters and centimeters to take measurements, the square foot is commonly used everywhere. 200 square feet, when converted to square meters, is 18.5. Not many people can name things that have 200 square … Read more

12 Things That Has An Area Of 150 Square Feet (ft2)

Square footage is a unit of measurement for floor spaces in real estate. Many people buy houses by checking the floor area to determine whether it is enough for the household. 150 square feet is pretty minimal for a house but anywhere from 2000 square feet is okay. However, this post is not about houses … Read more

15 Things That Have An Area Of 100 Square Meters (m2)

To calculate the surface area of any space, you need to calculate the length x the width. The measurements should be given in square meters. Most of the things you see around have surface areas that you can easily calculate. However, this does not take a direct approach like recording dimensions. There is a little … Read more

14 Things That Have An Area Of 70 Square Meters (m2)

If you want to calculate the size of a surface, you need to use the dimensions to get the area. The surface area should not be confused with the acres or square feet. 1 square meter means the surface measures 1 meter on both sides. Therefore, 70 square meters means that you need 70 1m²-blocks … Read more

13 Things That Have An Area Of 1 Square Foot (ft2)

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13 Things That Have An Area Of 10 square feet (ft2)

A 10 square foot surface can typically fit ten objects with an area of 1ft². Calculating areas of surfaces help contractors and builders determine the number of materials they need for a project. You can also use them in your home if you want to paint your wall or build a flower garden. Doing this … Read more

13 Things That Has An Area Of 100 Square Feet (ft2)

If you are to guess the size of a small item, any answer you give has a high chance of being true. But when it comes to bigger surfaces, you will either need a reference point or a tape measure to take the dimensions and calculate the area. 100 square feet is around 9.2 square … Read more