7 Things That Are About 400 Meters (m) Long

In the measurement of items using the meter metric unit, many tend to get confused especially once larger numbers start getting in the way. 400 meters is the equivalent of 1312.34 ft, 0.4 kilometers, 40000 centimeters. Have you been in search of items that are this long? Reading this piece should give you an idea … Read more

8 Things That are about 40 Meters (m) Long

In our world today, there are many parameters used in the measurement of things. Popular ones amongst these include weight, height, length. Width and so on. Each of these has its significance to a particular item and how it affects the overall appearance.  Have you ever wondered what things are as long as 40 meters? … Read more

9 Things That Are About 20 Meters (m) Long

Measurement tools improve the quality and quantity of our lives by making them easier and safer. The ability to precisely quantify physical qualities has arguably enormous survival value, providing humans with an adaptive, evolutionary advantage refined over thousands of years of natural selection. In this piece, things that are 20 meters long will be listed … Read more

8 Things That Are About 200 Meters (m) Long

Since humans settled from nomadic lifestyles and began employing building materials, occupying land, and trading with neighbors, measurement has been critical.  One of the most prevalent metrics that is utilized daily is length. This can give you the distance to the nearest town, as well as the width and height of practically everything. In this … Read more

7 Things That Are About 4 Meters (m) Long

So many items are built daily with different lengths. Common units of measurement of the length of things include meters, centimeters, feet and so many others. Preference dictates which unit is used since there are converters for each individual unit. The SI measurement system uses the meter as its basic unit of length. The meter … Read more

11 Things That Are About 1 Meter (m) Long


If you don’t have a meter stick at home, it can be a challenge to visualize the length of 1 meter. In fact, until recently, only a prototype meter made of platinum was exactly one meter. Thankfully, today there are many things right in your home that are 1 meter long. Next time you want … Read more