List of The 11 Longest RV’s in The World

Searching for the longest RV’s on the market in today’s world? Well, this piece is definitely the best for you. Before examining this list, the important question to address is what RV’s are!

 A recreational vehicle, sometimes known as an RV, is a motor vehicle or trailer that has been outfitted with living accommodations.

There are a wide variety of RVs to choose from, including motorhomes, campervans (also known as camper vans and camper trailers), fifth-wheel trailers, popup campers, and truck campers. 

Let’s dive in for more details:

1. SLRV Commander 8×8 Expedition

In terms of RV length, the SLRV Commander 8×8 Expedition vehicle is very long at almost 40 feet. Here’s what sets this RV apart from the rest:

  • A 1000-liter gasoline tank
  • eight-wheel drive
  • 480 horsepower; a 12-speed gearbox
  • and a 1000-liter tank

There is an actual home in Commander 8’8.” with a strong pop-up canopy and eight wheels and two storeys!

Eight people can sleep comfortably in this vehicle, which may either be used by the parents or by the youngsters.

There are eight bedrooms (or perhaps ten if an additional double bed is added), as well as a large kitchen, bathroom, and living space for ten guests.

2. Le Voyageur 1000QDCAR 12T

The Le Voyageur brand offers this type, which is classified as a premium motorhome. It has a length of more than 32 feet (10 meters) and a height of more than 10 feet (3 meters).

There is a lot of space in this vehicle for entertaining, with a huge living area and high-quality equipment.

3. Will Smith’s custom made RV

Will Smith is one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors. When he’s on location, he prefers to be as comfortable as possible.

To make ends meet while not in use, he commissioned a custom-built RV that he can use for shooting and then resell. 

Will’s RV is 55 feet long and there are almost 1,200 square feet of living space in this two-story, mind-blowing luxury home/office combination. A semi-tractor pulls it. Renting it out for $9,000 a week while it’s empty is a viable option.

4. Morelo Empire Liner 118 GSO

Its proportions, ranging from 29 to 39 feet (8.99 to 11.99 meters) in length, 12 feet (3.72 meters) in height, and 8 feet (2.5 meters) in width, are striking. What about the amazing motorhome’s lavish interior?

Iveco Eurocargo and Mercedes Atego engines are available for the Empire Liner in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of its future owner (299 hp).

5. The Elemment Palazzo

There aren’t many others like it. The design of the Palazzo departs from the norm. Instead, it has a more sculptural appearance, akin to that of contemporary architecture of the future. An analogy is drawn between the vehicle and a two-story home. 

The driver sits on the second floor and performs his or her tasks. Above it, you’ll find a rooftop deck with a lounge area.

The 45-foot (13.7 meter) long RV also has a cocktail bar, a master bedroom suite, heated floors, and an outside cooking station. An annual average of ten units will be sold.

6. Vario Mobil Alkoven Slide Out

Besides its outstanding length of 39 feet (12 meters), this motorhome also has an incredibly huge garage, an insulating and heated double floor, four fixed bedrooms, as well as a beautiful leather lounge that can be made even roomier with slide-out technology.

Everything has been done to make you feel totally at home on board this gigantic vessel. Man or Mercedes-Benz with 500-liter water tanks is the two chassis options… for complete freedom of movement.

7. Action Mobile Desert Challenger

The four-axle Action Mobile Desert Challenger is designed for off-road adventures.

It’s difficult to choose the most impressive feature of this model: the design, the 600 horsepower, the 10 feet (3 meter) width or the 40 feet (12 meter) length, or the 2,500 liters of diesel… Nearly 30 tonnes may be the overall weight. 

Although it’s a truck chassis, this famous adventure motorhome may be the world’s biggest to date.

8. Powerhouse Coach RV

The Powerhouse Coach is the last RV on the list of the world’s biggest. In all, it’s 122 feet (37 meter) long and custom-built.

So lengthy that it has to be divided into two RV accommodations. The other pulls the first. Even though it lacks many of the more opulent details, its sheer size is impressive enough.

9. Volkner Mobil Performance S

Volkner Mobil, a German manufacturer, is offering the Performance S model for purchase. It continues to provide the same high level of service that its predecessors did.

Among the many amenities featured in the more than 40 feet (12 meter) long RV are a double bed, a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious living area, and an attached garage located between the wheels.

A motorhome was purchased for $1.75 million dollars.

10. Actros Motorhome

Long-distance excursions are made easier with the Actros. Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ most luxurious and safest truck is the flagship of the company’s fleet.

32 feet (10 meters) long, 13 feet (3.99 meters) high and 8 feet (2.50 meters) broad make up this enormous structure.

An attached garage may be seen at the back of the building. The 310 kW OM 471 on board is completed by a diesel generator.

750 liters is the capacity of the freshwater tank. With two TVs, a sound system, satellite installation, and Internet connection built-in, the inside of this car really defines the phrase “luxury.”

11. Concorde Liner Plus 1130 GMAX

The Liner Plus 1130 GMAX has a maximum length of 37 feet (11.5 meters) and a maximum width of 8 feet (2.5 meters), and it can carry a payload of over 7 tons.

Two of the most powerful chassis now available are the Iveco Eurocargo and the Mercedes Atego.