6 Things That Are About 18 Meters (m) Long

In the hierarchy of measurement of things meters as a measurement unit is higher in ranks than most other measurement units. It is used to measure things that are quite lengthy and usually out of the grasp of the ordinary human hand.

Having established the foregoing, the audience should know by now that this won’t be an ordinary list and should prepare to have their minds blown. Oftentimes, we only engage in random guesses of the length of objects and things instead of going through the rigorous process of measuring them. Thus, it is always surprising to discover the actual measured lengths of things such as the ones highlighted below.

1. Utility Pole

Utility poles are large poles that are erected in an upright manner to carry wires and cables used to supply electricity to a particular place. Utility poles can be made out of wood, concrete and steel. The height of a utility pole is largely dependent on the location of the pole. However, in most cases and for safety reasons, utility poles are often 18 meters long. They also go as far as 40 feet long into the ground to ensure that they are deeply rooted and cannot be removed by the wind or a flood. 

2. Sperm Whale

The sperm whale is a giant aquatic animal that can live up to 40 years. In terms of physical appearance, the sperm whale has white spots on its belly and is dark blue-gray or brownish in color. It has a thickset back with a succession of rounded humps and tiny paddle-like flippers. Male sperm whales are often bigger than their female counterparts with a length of 18 meters. 

There are a lot of amazing facts about the sperm whale. One of these is the fact that scientists have discovered that sperm whales communicate with one another using a succession of clicks known as codas, each having its own function. They point out that sperm whale populations have modest coda variances and that sperm whales have evolved regional accents and dialects.

3. Lighthouse Zero

This tourist attraction is located in Hamburg, Germany. It is a unique lighthouse that receives a lot of viewers from all over the world yearly. It has a sightseeing environment that makes people want to visit repeatedly. The surrounding quiet and peacefulness will draw you in and you will love it once you reach the top of the lighthouse. Once you’ve arrived in Germany, you should pay a visit to the lighthouse to take in the scenery and tranquility. The lighthouse is 20 meters long.

4. Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed trailers are heavy duty vehicles that are used in the transportation of goods and services from one place to another in large quantities. Flatbed trailers have no roofs or coverings aside from the ones designed for the driver. They are usually very long and measure about 18 meters in length.

This length coupled with their shape makes them very versatile and one of the most used trailers in the world. They are used for moving cargoes, cars, and other heavy machinery. There are different types of flatbed trailers and they go for different prices. 

5. Rood Building

The Rood building is a four-storey building that can be found in Michigan. It is a commercial site that was rebuilt in honor of another building that got burned. The story of the building dates back to 1983 when it underwent some reconstruction and renovation. The building’s L shape was maintained and this earned it a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. The building is as long as 18 meters. 

6. Egyptian Building

The Egyptian building is a building that is ironically located in Richmond, Virginia instead of Egypt. The building is constructed from brick, stucco, and cast iron. Its battered walls—thinner at the top than at the bottom-give an impression of solidity and height.

This effect is emphasized by the relatively minimal windows for a five-story building. These windows are diamond paned and incorporated without a style break. A primary feature of the building is its style of antis porticoes with monumental columns at each end. The columns have intricate palm frond capitals.