13 Things That Are 100 Feet (ft) Long

100 feet is about 30 meters. When you walk about 50 paces, you will have covered a sixth of a block and about 100 feet.

100 feet is a common phrase used mostly with buildings and fields. However, picturing exactly how long a hundred feet is can be a bit tricky. Here is how to better visualize 100 feet.

1. Two Cyprus Trees

Cyprus trees are tall and narrow and look a lot like pine trees. Because their foliage is dense, they are used in landscaping as a border or yard break.

When left to grow, a Cyprus tree can grow to 50 feet tall. Two of these average-sized Cyprus trees equal 100 feet in length.

2. A 10-Story Building

On average, one story in a building is 10 feet tall. However, it is not the same for all buildings, as some have peaked roofs or different designs on top of the roof.

Also, some buildings have longer or shorter stories which affect the general height of the building. Even so, with the average at 10 feet per story, ten stories will make 100 feet in height.

3. 3 School Buses

The length of a school bus is between 30 and 35 inches. There are smaller and bigger buses depending on the school or school district.

However, 35 feet is a medium-sized bus which is most common. With this length, three school buses parked bumper to bumper will measure about 100 feet.

4. A Blue Whale

Blue whales are humongous. They are known as the largest animals in the world, both in the sea and on the ground.

An adult blue whale can get to100 feet in length, with female whales growing even bigger than 110 feet long.

These giant whales were hunted in the 1800s because of their unbelievable size but are protected by international laws today.

5. Two Megalodons

Even though Megalodons are extinct, they are still known as one of the world’s largest sharks. Their exact has not been proven, but it is estimated that an adult Megalodon could get to between 47 and 67 feet long.

Therefore, an average Megalodon would be around 50 feet tall, so that two of these adds up to 100 feet in length.

6. 1/3 Of A Football Field

A standard football field measures about 105 by 68 meters.

A length of 105 meters equals about 340 feet. Therefore, a third of a standard football field will be about 100 feet in length.

7. 2 Shipping Containers

The most common shipping containers are 40 feet long, but the US and Canada also use longer shipping containers of about 50 feet in length.

These are the ones you see attached to the back of trailers or carried on cargo ships. Two large trailers length to length will easily add up to 100 feet.

8. Boeing 737-500 Jet

The Boeing 737-500 jet aircraft is the smallest in the 737 series. It measures almost exactly 100 feet.

The model can seat between 110 and 135 people and is popular with Russian airlines.

The Boeing 737-500 first launched in 1987, and most of them have since retired.

9. Seven Standard Cars

Cars come in all shapes and sizes. There are smaller and bigger cars and all range in length. However, on average, a car measures between 12 and 15 feet long.

For example, a Sedan measures about 14 feet, which means to get 100 feet, you would need about seven of these cars.

10. 2 Extension Cords

Extension cords measure from 25 feet to 100 feet in length. However, a 50-foot-long extension cord is the best choice because it is not too short, nor is it too long.

A shorter extension cord is not convenient, while those too long lose some voltage a long the way. Therefore, holding two average extension cords from end to end will come up to 100 feet long.

11. 16 Adult Males

It is quite common to use people to get the size of things. Even though people are of different heights, there is an average for both men and women.

For example, the average male is 69 inches tall, which is 5 feet and 9 inches. Therefore, if 16 adult males were placed in a row, they would measure 100 feet.

12. 10 Alligators

An alligator can grow to between 10 and 14 feet long. Therefore, placing ten alligators head to tail would make 100 feet in length.

The only thing to avoid with these beasts is being caught in their jaws.

13. 2/3 of Olympic Swimming Pool

An Olympic swimming pool has very specific dimensions.

It measures 50 meters by 25 meters by 2 meters. Therefore, two-thirds of the length of an Olympic swimming pool is about 33 meters, approximately 100 feet.


Finally, you can try to measure some of these things, for example, cars packed bumper to bumper or a third of a football field.

However, with things like a blue whale or Megalodons, you will need to use your imagination.

Even so, these things give you a good reference point for when you need to know what 100 feet look like.