List of 19 Things That Are 30 Cubic Centimeters (cm3)

Every object you have come across has a volume. It takes a little calculation to get the volume of items.

You can easily calculate the capacity of an object if it is regularly shaped. A complicated shape will take a mix of formulas to get the correct answer. Learning about the volume of stuff can help you package items, build stuff or help you determine the number of ingredients you need.

Mathematically, calculating volume is multiplying the height, length, and width. For cylindrical shapes, you will use the πr2 formula. If you had never given it a thought, here are some items that are 30 cubic centimeters that you should know about.

1. Steel bar

Steel bars can be shaped in various sizes and shapes depending on how you want to use them. For example, stainless steel bars can make spoons, knives, forks, etc.

A steel bar cut into a height of 30 centimeters, width, and depth of 1 centimeter will give a 30 cubic centimeter volume.

2. A Pencil pack

Some pencils are sold in packs for convenience and also for portability purposes. Some packs hold around 2 to 10 pencils, depending on the brand and grade.

An average pencil is 7 inches long, equivalent to 15 centimeters. Perhaps a pencil case measures 15cm by 2 cm by 1 cm; calculating the volume gives you 30 cubic centimeters.

3. Pen holder

Special fountain pens always come in special packages for aesthetics and storage. These pens tend to be thicker than ordinary pens and with embellishments.

The dimensions for a typical fountain pack are 15cm by 2 cm by 1 cm. The holders can be wooden, metallic, or made from special cardboard.

4. A small cylinder

Cylinders are primarily used in schools or labs for mathematics and science education. Some math topics cover dimensions, and students learn how to calculate volumes.

Small cylinders are preferable because they are less bulky, and students can easily learn. Some of these items are approximately 30 cubic centimeters.

The formula for calculating the volume of a cylinder is V=πr2, with the radius being 1 centimeter and the height 10 centimeters.

5. 30 ml bottle

Mathematically, it is possible to determine the volume of an object by measuring the amount of liquid it holds. For example, 1cm3 is equal to 1ml, meaning that a 30 ml container has a volume of 30 cubic centimeters.

The dimensions of the bottles may differ, but they will give the same volume.

6. A cork stopper

There are ten different cork stoppers that you can use to cover your wine bottles if you are a homebrewer. You can also buy personalized cork stoppers depending on how you want to market your brand and products.

Smaller cork stoppers can be around 20 cubic centimeters, while big cork stoppers are about 25-30 cubic centimeters.

7. Matchbox

There are two specific types of matches: safety matches and strike-anywhere matches. Safety matches are struck against a prepared surface, while strike-anywhere matches can be used on any surface with friction.

A matchbox is pretty small and pocketable and can hold around 50 sticks. The volume of a small matchbox is around 30 cubic centimeters.

8. Three gumballs

The common size for gumballs dispensable from commercial vending machines is 9 cm3. This means that you will need three gumballs to get 30 cubic centimeters.

If you wondered why bubblegum is pink in color, pink was the only food color available in the factory when Walter Diemer successfully made his batch of gum.

9. A lighter

Lighters are used for the same purpose as matchboxes, only that they are built differently and are more versatile.

Lighters come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and some use gas while others use liquid fuel.

Smaller lighters are around 30 cubic centimeters with the lids closed. Modern lighters use creative designs taking shapes of grenades, guns, torches, etc.

10. Vape pod

Vape pens were introduced during the e-cigarette revolution to help people control their nicotine addiction.

Some vape pens use pods with liquid nicotine that burns slowly compared to cigarettes. These pods are smaller and have a volume of 30 cubic centimeters.

Other compact pods can be used directly without inserting them into a vape pen.

11. Tic tac box

Tic Tac is a popular mint brand from the Italian company Ferrero. These small, hard pieces of mint are packed in small colorless plastic containers.

The Tic Tac containers are available in one standard size, which is 7 cm by 4 cm by 1 cm, giving you a volume of 28 cm3. 28 cm3 is a few centimeters from the 30cm3 mark.

12. Jumbo marshmallow

Marshmallows are confectioneries made from water, sugar, and gelatin whipped to a soft-solid consistency. Marshmallows can be eaten as a dessert or used in baking as filling.

Marshmallows are smaller and have a diameter of about 2.54 centimeters. Jet-puffed jumbo extra-large marshmallows are bigger and have a volume of around 30 cm3.

13. Chocolate bar

An entire chocolate bar has smaller square or rectangular-shaped bars. The size of the full chocolate bar determines the size of each piece.

Bigger chocolate bars can have a piece with a capacity of 30 cubic centimeters.

14. Stick of butter

Butter is packaged differently, and you can buy it as a tub or stick. A tub of butter comes in a 250, 350, 500, or 1000 grams container.

On the other hand, a stick comes in handy when you want to use a small portion at a time. For example, a pack of butter sticks holds 30 cm3 sticks which is great for breakfast.

15. 30g gold bar

Gold bars are considered treasures or investments and can be traded for other commodities. The kilobar that weighs 1,000 grams is the most used size because it is manageable and is used primarily for investments and trading.

These blocks are either flat or block-shaped. Smaller bars are used for minor trades, with the 30-gram gold bar measuring around 30 cubic centimeters.

16. Lipstick tube

Lipstick tubes are sold in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Each brand tried to create something different to set them apart from its competition.

A lipstick tube can be as tall as 3 inches and around 2 inches short. These sizes are perfect for holding in the hand when traveling or carrying a purse. The volume of a lipstick tube is around 30 cubic centimeters.

17. Lip balm tube

Similar to lipstick, lip balm tubes are also small-sized for easy applications. You can fit them in your pocket, backpack, or purse.

Lip balm tubes are sold in different tube sizes, with the standard size being around 30 cubic centimeters.

18. Half a golf ball

The size of a packed golf ball is around 63.56 cubic centimeters. The Rules of Golf dictate the sizes, which state that the minimum volume for a golf ball should be 40.68

Therefore, if you cut a gold ball (packed) in half, each piece will be around 30 cm3. In addition, golf balls are not required to have the standard dimple pattern.

However, the design has been maintained since 1905 because it reduces drag and increases lift.

19. Petri dish

A petri dish is a shallow transparent dish that looks like a lid used for scientific purposes. Petri dishes come in different sizes, depending on their intended experiment.

A petri dish with a radius of 3.5 centimeters and a height of 1.2 centimeters gives a volume of around 30 ccs. These can be used in labs as a growth medium for culturing cells.

The containers are named Petri after German bacteriologist Julius Richard Petri.

There are thousands of items that are 30 cm3, but this list can only hold 19. These items are enough to give you an idea about the volume of stuff around you.

If you have been out of school for years, it can also jog your memory and remind you of formulas you might forget. If you spend most of your time in the kitchen, knowing the capacity of items will help you get accurate measurements.