9 Things That Are 7 Inches (in) Diameter

Understanding the dimensions of various items you come across regularly or from time to time can be enjoyable, particularly when these objects are circular.

Knowing the diameter of certain things makes work easier. For instance, if you need to buy something or fix something around the house, you know the exact measurement to get.

To know the diameter of the things around you, you only need a tape measure or a ruler. Put it at the center of the circular object and make sure it touches both sides of the circular part.

Here, you will find out more about things that measure 7 inches in diameter.

1. A Small Round Salad Plate

Salad plates are essential in a dinner setting, and they are usually laid on the table just after the main course.

These salad plates come in two different sizes. The large one has a diameter of 8 to 8.5 inches, and the small one is 7 to 7.5 inches in diameter.

In an informal dinner, the salad plate serves the salad, which is always presented before the main meal.

2. Tea Plate

Do you have a teacup that does not have a saucer? Do not worry, as the tea plate will come to your rescue.

These are specialized plates with a diameter of 7 to 7.5 inches. They come in handy to help you hold a teacup that is missing a saucer.

Some of these plates have a shallow well in the middle, but they still serve perfectly.

3. DMC Bamboo Embroidery Hoop

Embroidery hoops are essential for those who love the fine touches on their fabrics or those who like doing embroidery for leisure. These hoops are made of bamboo, making them pretty firm to last longer.

The hoops are in three different sizes, and in all the sizes, there is one with 7 inches diameter.

Bamboo embroidery hoops have smooth finishes to ensure your fabric stays safe and offers an accurate working surface.

4. Chakra Full Moon Singing Bowl

Singing bowls are mostly popular in Nepal; they have different names and produce different singing tones.

Just as the sizes and singing tones differ, so do the dimensions. The Chakra Full Moon measures 7 inches in diameter, and it has the same functions as the rest.

They are believed to perform a lot of things, including healing and energy balance.

5. Persian 19th Century Ceramic Bowl

CC BY-SA 3.0, Link Persian Pottery from Isfahan, 17th century.

This vintage ceramic bowl is a unique beauty from Southwest Persia with blue and white floral.

It measures 7 1/8 inches in diameter, 7 1/8 inches deep, and 3 9/16 high.

It is a unique piece that has passed auctions in the New York City gallery auctions. It remains to be an authentic one of kind piece.

6. Cheese Plate

Cheese plates are not always made as part of the dinnerware, which means they can be used at formal and informal meals.

They are a special set of plates measuring about 7.25 inches in diameter and are made in ornamentation in a cheese pattern.

If you do not want to eat your cheese from the wooden board, these plates are the best substitute you can have.

7. Dessert Plate

As the name suggests, dessert plates are used for serving desserts in both formal and informal meals.

Dessert plates are sometimes beautifully decorated, and they also come in different sizes. Apart from the sizes, these plates have a diameter measuring between 7.25 to 8.5 inches.

The craftsmen call these plates luncheon plates. Apart from dessert, this plate can serve a lot of other purposes like serving appetizers and snacks.

8. Cake Pan

Cake pans come in various shapes, sizes, and materials used for making them. You can get a ceramic, glass, silicon, or metal baking pan as they are all safe to handle the oven heat.

The commonly used ones are the round cake pans, which come in different sizes. The one measuring 7 inches in diameter is the best one to bake medium-sized cakes.

9. Mixing Bowls

Mixing bowls are usually circular; this gives enough space for the spoon or spatula to move freely, mixing the content of the bowl well.

The diameter sizes of mixing bowls range from 4 to 16. The one measuring 7 inches in diameter is primarily ideal for domestic use. However, if you are working in a restaurant or a bakery, the largest size will be the best choice.

Most of these items may seem familiar, and maybe you use most of them daily. But did you know their diameter measurement?

You can continue exploring more thing and enjoy the thrill that knowing the measurement of things bring. Remember, all you need is a ruler or a tape measure, and make sure what you are measuring its diameter is circular.

Originally posted on January 26, 2022 @ 1:39 pm