14 Things That Are 7 Inches (in) Long

Most people keep rulers, yardsticks, and tape measures around the house to help them measure the dimensions of things. These items are handy for determining the sizes of items you want to buy or what you want to build.

If you want to measure shorter distances, you can use another object to estimate.

If you want to measure 7 inches, there are plenty of objects in your kitchen or living room that you can use to get the lengths. Read below to identify some of the handy objects that are 7 inches long.

1. Pencil

Most of the pencils used in offices are 7 inches long. You must measure the length of a pencil before you sharpen it.

Pencil makers like Derwent and Bic make standard wooden pencils with graphite inside. These pencils have different grades for various purposes.

Light shade pencils are used mainly for office and schoolwork, while darker shades are popular for art.

2. iPad mini

Apple ranks as the biggest company globally and has a range of products.

Besides the iPhone, the company is also known for the iPad and MacBook.

The 1st generation iPad mini is about 7 inches long. Newer models tend to have enormous screens ranging between 7.9 and 8.3 inches.

3. 2 Credit Cards

One credit card is around 3.5 inches long, meaning you would need two cards to get 7 inches.

All credit and debit cards must follow strict dimension standards put in place. This ensures that the cards can fit in the pocket or ATM slots.

If you have more than one card, you can experiment to see if they are all equal in your free time.

4. Scissors

Most household and office items are made in various sizes to meet particular market demands.

Scissors, for instance, are built from 4.5 inches, and the standard size is 7 inches. However, some can be longer than 8 inches, especially those used by tailors.

Even at home, you have many scissors to perform specific tasks.

5. Fork

The dictionary defines the fork as an implement having two or more prongs for holding food when cutting or lifting it to the mouth.

There are various types of forks used in the kitchen and for dining. Some have distinct shapes and heights. The standard fork used for dining is usually 7 inches long, making them easy to hold.

Forks used for hotdogs are usually longer than 10 inches.

6. Comb

A comb should be compact enough to fit a grooming kit yet big enough to comb an adult’s head. This means that the standard length for a multipurpose comb should be around 7 inches.

Such combs ensure proper control to comb through vertical sections of the head. There are smaller and longer combs which you can buy depending on your preferences.

7. Chopsticks

Before spreading to Japan, Korea, and other Asian countries, chopsticks were originally used in China.

Today, they are used almost everywhere for serving and eating food. Also, chopsticks are available in different sizes for cooking, serving, and eating food.

Most are about 7 inches long and can either be bamboo or metal.

8. Dinner spoon

Dinner spoons are bigger than teaspoons and are primarily used to eat main course meals. The spoons have an elongated cup that should not be confused with a soup spoon with a circular cup.

Dinner spoons are 7 inches long and are always paired with a fork in diners. The spoons can either be stainless steel, silver, or copper.

9. Chef’s knife

Three knives are vital for operations in the kitchen. They include the chef’s knife, serrated knife, and paring knife.

A chef’s knife is 7 inches long and has a rounded tip. Some knives are longer than 9 inches and are used for cutting ingredients like meat, fish, and poultry. They are also essential for chopping and dicing fruits, herbs, and vegetables.

Every knife set has one of these knives.

10. TV remote

After curling up on your couch to watch a movie, you do not want anything distracting you. You can flip through channels to get entertaining programs or movies when you have the remote in your hand. You also use the remote to adjust the volume, brightness, and picture mode.

A typical TV remote is 7 inches long, but newer Smart TV models have longer remotes to accommodate the additional buttons.

11. Smartphone

The evolution of mobile phones has taken various turns to ensure users get more responsive and versatile phones. First-generation smartphones have smaller screens from 3-4.4 inches.

Today mobile phone manufacturers are building phones with bigger screens to meet market demands for more expansive displays.

Giant companies like Apple, Samsung, and Google have phones with screens measuring 7 inches.

12. Gun barrel

The metal tube that fires the shot or projectile in a gun is called the barrel. Some are rifled, while others are smooth.

Pistols are the smallest guns and have shorter barrels at approximately 7 inches long. On the other hand, Rifle guns have longer barrels up to 12 inches.

For a gun to be classified as a rifle, it must be 26 inches and above in length.

13. Fireworks

Fireworks are missile-looking devices that cause mini-explosions and are used for entertainment and aesthetics.

These fireworks display magnificent effects that make them popular for 4th July, Christmas, and New Year celebrations.

A firework can measure anywhere around 7 inches or more. The size of the fireworks determines how high it goes and how much effect it produces.

14. Salamander

Salamanders look like lizards, but these two creatures are far from being related. The former is an amphibian, while the latter is a reptile.

Salamanders are short, spanning up to 7 inches long. Lizards, on the other hand, can grow over 5 feet long.