13 Things That Are 8 Inches (in) Long

A 20-centimeter ruler measures 8 inches. If you enjoy measuring and calculating object sizes, you might have one of these rulers at home. People seldom take the time to measure the length of things they encounter.

Everyone has their hobbies, and finding the sizes of objects is reserved for a few. If you never have time to experiment on a few things around the home, here is a list of objects that measure 8 inches.

1. Kitchen knife

If you have a set of knives in your kitchen, you might not quickly identify the kitchen knife among them. A kitchen knife is wider from the handle with a tapering pointed tip.

A kitchen knife is also long at 8 inches long. The best way to identify a kitchen knife is to test its sharpness. It should be sharp enough to cut through meat, dice vegetables, and disjoint poultry.

2. Packaging box

If you plan to move out of your house or relocate to a new place, you need packaging products to help ship your items.

It is easy to find boxes for more oversized items, but where would you place smaller items like jewelry? That is where you get a smaller packaging box.

These boxes are 8 inches long and can be deep enough to hold as many items as possible.

3. Adjustable wrench

The adjustable wrench is a very economical tool, mainly for handling mechanical projects. Its adjustability allows you to tighten or loosen bolts of all sizes.

There are a variety of adjustable wrenches, and most are only 8 inches long. This size is perfect enough for all types of projects and compact enough to fit in a small toolbox.

4. Pliers

Pliers are also essential tools for mechanical work and home improvement. You can use them to cut wires tighten wires and screws, among many other things.

Some pliers are small enough to fit your pocket and are used for smaller items. Bigger pliers can be about 8 inches long and are best for heavy jobs.

They are common in plumbing and electrical works.

5. Drone propeller

Drones are small flying devices used for aerial videography and photography. Drones can capture images up to 1500 meters away. These drones have propellers that sometimes break down midway. You can replace them depending on their size.

Some drone propellers are only 8 inches long, and you need four of these to get your device flying. Low-frequency drones are prohibited in various states because commercial aircraft use the same frequencies.

6. Knitting needles

Knitting needles look like small drumsticks and are made of wood, bamboo, or stainless steel. Bamboo and wood needles are famous because they do not slip off your fingers easily.

A knitting kit is around 8 inches long, though some can be shorter. There are newer curved needles that are only 8 inches long. You have to bend the tips to work on your yarn.

7. Hacksaw blade

A hacksaw is a plumbing and welding tool with a fixed blade initially used for cutting metal, pipes, rods, etc. Their frame is U-shaped and with a handle on one end.

The hacksaw blade is mounted on the two pins on each end. Depending on the length of the frame, a hacksaw blade can be 8 inches long.

There are two types of hacksaws, one with a fixed frame and the other with an adjustable frame.

8. Flat file

There are various types, sizes, and shapes of flat files to buy. These files are used to sharpen blades and chainsaws. In some instances, they are also used to smoothen rough surfaces.

A flat file measures around 8 inches long. When measuring the length of a flat file, do not include the handle.

9. Necklace

If you are planning to buy yourself or a loved one a special gift, a necklace is worth considering.

Necklaces are available in multiple lengths and sizes, with unique ornaments dangling from your neck. A necklace for adults can be around 8 inches long when measured directly.

It could be longer if a pendant is hanging on the front side.

10. Flashlight

A flashlight is a must-have in your backpack when packing for camping or a night drive. You never know when emergencies arise, even at home, so you need to have one on standby. The flashlight is used to shine light for visibility in darkness.

Flashlights are available in different sizes and brightness levels. Most are 8 inches long and can perfectly fit in a backpack. Smaller flashlights are palm-sized, and you can carry them in your pocket.

11. Hex bolt

Hex bolts get their name from the hexagonal heads and threads used with nuts or tapped poles. They are essential for fastening metal to wood, metal to metal, or wood to wood.

Hex bolts vary in size, with longer ones approximately 8 inches long. Remember to use washers and nuts of the same finish and grade as the hex bolt for a perfect grip.

12. Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung is a famous brand for household appliances, electronics, and devices. Smartphones and Tabs are among the heavily used Samsung products.

The tabs, in particular, have evolved in size over time, with newer models being 8 inches long. This pad rivals the iPad mini in terms of size and performance.

13. Surgical scalpel

Surgical scalpels are longer than usual and are built from standard-grade stainless steel. They also have blades to prevent minor accidents.

These scalpels are 8 inches (203mm) long and 20 mm wide. Longer scalpels are used to ensure the surgeon reaches the body’s internal parts.

Originally posted on January 28, 2022 @ 11:24 am