14 Things That Are 90 Inches (in) Long

To accurately measure 90 inches, you need a tape measure because rulers can give inaccurate results.

Some projects are sensitive to error, and you need to get accurate results lest you ruin everything. Ninety inches translates to 7.5 feet or 228.6 centimeters. Luckily, various items would help you estimate the sizes of other objects if you know their dimensions.

Take a look at some of the things in this list that measure 90 inches.

1. 2 boxes

Corrugated boxes can be used for packing products for storage or transportation.

Enormous boxes are essential for carrying bigger equipment and bulky goods. Such containers are 45 inches long, and when you have two of these, you will get a total of 90 inches.

These boxes are also easy to pack, and they can keep your products safe with minimal damage.

2. Indoor bench

If you have some extra space in your living room or lounge, you can add an indoor bench to liven the place.

These benches can also have storage spaces for holding linen, books, or other materials. You can set up these benches according to the space you have.

Most are 90 inches long and provide a suitable space for sitting.

3. Farmhouse table

Farmhouse tables are sturdier and have a solid base, distinguishing them from 4 legged tables. They also have more character with the trestles and spindle legs.

A farmhouse table is about 90 inches long and can accommodate around six people.

These tables are also rectangular and have matching chairs and benches for uniformity.

4. Industrial trailer

Industrial trailers come in different sizes for transporting goods of varying weights. Extensive trailers are usually attached to tractors or trucks.

Smaller trailers spanning 90 inches can be attached to SUVs or pickup trucks for handling lighter goods. The trailers can be closed or open for increased luggage capacity.

5. Skipping rope

Skipping the rope frequently is good for managing weight and keeping you fit.

Skipping ropes vary in size depending on the height and age of the user. Skipping ropes for adults are available from 90 inches (7.5 feet).

They are made from nylon or rubber, plus they are very portable. You can easily carry one in your gym bag.

6. Magnetic strip

Magnetic strips are flexible tapes that have magnetic properties for holding metals. These strips have an adhesive on one side that you stick on the wall and the magnetic side on the front side to keep your tools.

Magnetic strips are sold in rolls with different lengths. A magnetic strip can be around 90 inches long.

Some types of magnetic tapes are used for data storage and audio recording.

7. Surfboard

A surfboard is a narrow and strong plank that can support a surfer while riding through the waves. Surfboards are also lightweight, making them portable for kids and beginner surfers.

An adult size surfboard ranges from 90 inches to 120 inches. They are also made from light materials like polystyrene or polyurethane foam with additional polyester and fiberglass to make them buoyant.

8. Shark

Sharks are among the most significant fish globally and some of the most studied animal species.

They permanently live in the ocean and are predominantly predators.

Being giant fish, sharks can grow up to 90 inches long. However, whales still beat the sharks when comparing the biggest sea animals.

9. Big beds

According to market standards, most king-size beds measure six by six and are considered the most enormous beds.

Some manufacturers are now making customized beds for taller than six feet. Today there are seven by 6 or 7 by seven beds meant for taller people.

People who have felt uncomfortable sleeping on smaller beds now have a reason to smile.

10. Inflatable boat

Most of the ships and boats have inflatable boats in store just in an emergency. Before they are launched, these boats are small enough to fit in a bag.

They get pretty massive and bulky when inflated at around 90 inches long.

These boats can hold between 2-5 people, depending on the level of emergency.

11. Fishing rod

Fishing rods and fishing poles are often confused with being the same thing. A fishing rod has line guides and a reel attached to its reel seat. Fishing poles are known for having lines on their tips.

Fishing rods are around 90 inches long and are mainly used to cast lures. Longer rods run up to 14 feet and are suitable for casting long distances.

12. Olympic barbell

Olympic bars should only be used for Olympics or Olympics training and not in the gym. These bars are about 90 inches long, weighing up to 45 pounds.

Standard bars can be the same length but weigh almost half or slightly less than Olympic bars. If you are interested in Olympics, you can get an entry-level barbell for less than $150.

13. Curtain rod

If you plan to upgrade the interior d├ęcor around your house, you could consider getting some high-quality curtains. You need curtain rods to suspend curtains above windows.

Depending on the size of your window, you can get 90-inch rods for more expansive windows. Do not buy a curtain rod the exact size of your window. You need some extra space for adjusting the curtain.

14.   A pool table

The standard pool tables being sold in the USA for private residences and homes are around 8 feet long.

Tournament pool tables are 9 feet long, and this is the actual size of the table where Billiards was invented.

Smaller pool tables are around 7 feet long and are common around homes or bars.