12 Things That Are About 1 Inch (in) Long

When a thing is said to be one inch long, even if you’re not very familiar with imperial units you can easily tell that such an item can’t be long; well it’s not even long at all.

An inch is a linear measurement unit equal to a twelfth of a foot (2.54 cm). It’s a term that’s frequently used to denote a modest amount, distance, or degree. 

Things that are one inch long can be found all around us, in our homes, offices, and pretty much anyplace else. This article will introduce you to some of these items as well as everything you need to know about them.

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1. Upholstery tacks 

Upholstery tacks and nails are used for two things: attaching padding or material to furniture and providing ornamental accents.

Because they’re designed for indoor use, they’re not rust-resistant. All you have to do to clean them is gently rub them with a dry, soft cloth. Polishing creams should not be used because they may remove the finish. 

Upholstery tacks are sharp, so take measures when working with them and keep them out of reach of youngsters in case of an accident. Instead of using a chemical to wipe the nailheads, please use a dry cloth.

Most upholstery tacks are right around 1 inch long.

2. A paper clip 

A paper clip (paperclip) is a device that is used to hold sheets of paper together. It is typically made of steel wire that has been bent into a looped shape (though some are covered in plastic).

Most paper clips are variations of the Gem type, which was established in the 1890s or earlier and is distinguished by the wire’s almost two full loops.

Torsion and elasticity in the wire, as well as friction between the wire and the paper, are all used in paper clips.

When a considerable number of sheets are put between the clip’s two “tongues,” the tongues are pulled apart, causing torsion in the wire bend that grips the sheets together. 

Although paper clips come in a variety of sizes, the most widely used one measures 1 inch in length.

3. An eraser 

An eraser (sometimes called a rubber in Commonwealth countries due to the first substance used) is a piece of stationery used to erase marks from paper or skin (e.g. parchment or vellum).

Erasers come in a range of forms, sizes, and colors and have a rubbery substance. One end of certain pencils has an eraser.

Synthetic rubber and synthetic soy-based gum are used in less priced erasers, while vinyl, plastic, and gum-like materials are used in more expensive or specialist erasers. 

Erasers were first designed to erase pencil mistakes; later, more abrasive ink erasers were introduced. 

While erasers come in a variety of sizes, the Prismacolor Design Artgum Block Shape Eraser is exactly 1 inch long and can be obtained in stores as well as on Amazon.

4. An inchworm

The term “inchworm” refers to a wide group of caterpillars that comprises the larvae of many different moth species.

As they scurry over the ground, these little caterpillars enchant children, but their damage to plants — from garden crops to shade trees — can be disastrous.

The common name inchworm may refer to native and non-native leaf-feeding caterpillars also known as spanworms, cankerworms, loopers, moth worms, and measurement worms in different parts of the United States. 

The size of inchworms varies depending on their maturity and species, although they usually reach a length of 1 inch or more.

Green and brown are common colors, but there are also colorful spots, stripes, and patterns. Inchworm moths that have reached adulthood have a wide range of appearances.

Colors range from dirty white to gray-brown to mint green, with bright color combinations in between.

5. Airpods pro 

The Apple AirPods feature Active Noise Cancellation for immersive sound, as well as a Transparency mode for listening and connecting with your surroundings. It’s a more customizable fit for all-day comfort, as you’ll agree. 

It’s sweat and water-resistant, and it’s all packed into a super-light in-ear headphone that’s simple to pair with your Apple devices. 

The AirPods Pro includes three sizes of soft, tapered silicone tips for a custom fit, adaptive EQ that automatically adjusts music to the shape of your ear, easy setup for all Apple devices, and quick access to Siri by saying “Hey Siri.” 

One of the most intriguing features is that The Wireless Charging Case has a battery life of more than 24 hours.

One air pod pro is about 1 inch long.

6. A Bolt 

A bolt is a threaded fastener with an exterior male thread that requires a nut with a matching pre-formed female thread. Bolts and screws have a lot in common. 

Bolts are frequently utilized in bolted joints. This is a combination of the nut gripping the joint axially and the bolt shank acting as a dowel, pinning the joint against sideways shear stresses.

As a result, many bolts have a plain unthreaded shank (known as the grip length), which results in a superior, stronger dowel.

The existence of an unthreaded shank has been cited as a distinguishing feature of bolts vs. screws, however, this is more of a byproduct of their use than a distinguishing feature. 

A 1 inch long bolt with a screwdriver head fitting or a wrench fitting for tightening can be utilized for a variety of purposes. 

Anchor, carriage, hex, lag, and U bolts are examples of common bolts.

7. A Bottlecap

The top opening of a bottle is usually sealed by a bottle cap. These caps are mostly made out of plastic and metal.

Like most things, bottle caps exist in different sizes. But the most common caps are 1 inch long when measured from one edge to the other, i.e the diameter of the bottle cap.

8. An adult thumb from nuckle to tip

The length from the nuckle to the tip of an adult thumb is about 1 inch long, depending a bit on the size of the person.

The entire length of an adult thumb, from hand to tip, is about 2.75 inches long for males and 2.5 inches long for females.

9. US Quarter coin

The US quarter coin came to existence in 1796 and has the face of George Washington on one side and an eagle on the other side.

As you can hear on the name, a quarter, refers to a quarter dollar, which is 25 cents.

The diameter of the US quarter coin is 0,955 inches, which is very close to 1 inch long.

10. Sewing pin

As you can hear on the name, sewing pins are used when sewing. It’s used to hold pieces of fabric together before sewing.

There are various types of sewing pins available, that come in different sizes. But, the most common sewing pin size is about 1 inch long.

11. Canadian 1 dollar coin

The Canadian 1 dollar coin, also known as the Loonie is a gold colored coin that came to existence in 1987. These coins has replaced the 1 dollar bill that is no longer in use.

The 1 dollar coin has a diameter of 1,04 inches, very close to the 1 inch we are looking for in this post.

12. Pencil sharpener (Prism model)

KUM Sharpener.jpg

The so-called “prism”sharpener, which is also called “manual” or “pocket” sharpeners in the US, are the cheapest and most commonly used pencil sharpeners in the world.

The length of these prism sharpeners are exactly 1 inch long.