14 Things That Are About 12 Feet (ft) Long

There are many things you see every day that helps to decipher how long or tall 12 feet is.

his list of things that are 12 feet long will help you better understand how tall or wide that familiar object is.

1. African Elephant

Although their height can vary from 8 feet to 13 feet tall, it is common to see an adult African elephant stand 12 feet tall from shoulder to the ground.

Male African elephants will grow larger than the females, although the females can still reach this height. Not only is the African elephant tall, but they are known to weigh up to 14,000 pounds. 

2. 2 Refrigerators

A full-sized refrigerator normally stands around six feet tall. Imagine two refrigerators on top of one another, and you have 12 feet.

3. 12 Rulers

A standard-size ruler like the ones you would see in schools is 12 inches or 1 foot long.

Lay 12 standard-sized rulers side by side on a table or the floor, and you will have a length of exactly 12 feet. 

4. Garage Door

Many garages are designed for one or two cars and have a door height of seven to nine feet.

However, it’s common for garages designed to hold RVs and campers to have a much taller door opening.

Certain detached garages will have doors that are 12 feet tall so they will be suitable for taller vehicles. 

5. 3 Dressers

A common height for a dresser is four feet or 48”.

Depending on the space you have available and your decor, this is a comfortable height for most people, and it will match other furniture shapes and sizes in your home.

Set three 4-feet dressers on top of each other, and you have 12 feet.

6. 3 Hockney Nets

The height of a regulation-size hockey net is four feet or 48 inches. It is also six feet or 72 inches wide.

Stack three nets on top of one another for 12 feet high, or the width of one is 12 feet across.

7. 2 Full-Size Mattresses

There are six standard mattress sizes: twin, twin extra-long, full, queen, king, and California King.

The width of a California King mattress is exactly 72 inches or six feet wide.

Pull two California King mattresses together, and you will have a bed 12 feet wide.

8. A Volkswagen Beetle

Half a Volkswagen Beetle is six feet wide (5.93 feet). So, a full-size Volkswagen Beetle is extremely close to 12 feet long.

The full length of a Beetle is 14 feet and the wheelbase is almost nine feet.

9. Two 6-feet Ladders

There are different types of ladders, and they come in different sizes and steps. Step ladders can start at four feet and in even sizes in two-foot intervals up to 20-feet.

Platform ladders are similar to step ladders except the user is expected to stand on the platform. That’s why the rails extend beyond the platform and meet above it.

Platform ladders are available in heights from 4 feet to 16 feet.

10. 2 Coat Racks

A coat rack should be low enough to reach but high enough so that no coat touches the ground.

ADA standards indicate that four feet is the maximum height for a coat rack’s position, but this requirement only pertains to public buildings.

However, in households, you’ll find the common height for a coat rack to be five or six feet. Two household coat racks will be about 12 feet stacked high.

11. Large Area Rug

Area rugs come in varying sizes. Small rugs are usually less than 5’, medium rugs measure between 5’1” – 8’6”, and large rugs are between 8’7”-12”.

Extra-large rugs are larger than 12.’ Large rugs usually measure 8’x10’, 9’x12’, or more. So, we can claim that a large area rug is 12 feet in length.

12. 2 Standard Tablecloths

It’s not as easy as you may think to pick the right size tablecloth.

That’s because there are so many variants. Tablecloths can be square, round, oval, rectangle and banquet-sized. And for each of those styles, there are varying sizes and lengths.

Each style will have a tablecloth that measures about six feet (71 to 78 inches). It’s safe to say that two standard tablecloths together could be 12 feet long. 

13. 2 Dog Leashes

Dog leases come in sizes from three feet up to six feet. The less distance an owner has between him and his pet means more control.

Three to four-foot leashes are recommended for younger puppies or dogs in training. Four feet is the perfect length for overall control.

As a puppy or dog learns leash manners, you can still maintain control with a five-foot or six-foot length leash. Two large dog leashes (6 feet) equals 12 feet.

14. 2 Standard Lockers

The typical height for a standard locker is around 1800mm or approximately 5’9”, which makes it close to six feet. That’s because if you consider the primary use of a locker, it’s being used by people.

So it only makes sense for the standard locker to be around the average height of an adult person. Two standard lockers stacked are about 24 feet high.

There are also lockers designed for lower heights that can be used by children. The height of these lockers are between 1300mm and 1500mm or 4.2 feet and 4.9 feet, respectively.