13 Things That Are About 12 Inches (in) Long

Getting items that are 12 inches long cannot be done with mere guessing. There are so many things with a length of 12 inches and this piece contains so many.

Keep reading to know these items and learn fascinating things about them:

1. Soda Bottle

The 2L soda bottle is one of the simplest items to use when comparing 12 inches. A 12-inch or 1-foot-long bottle may be found in most supermarkets and neighborhood shops.

Use a 2L soda bottle to represent something 12 inches long.

2. Toaster Oven

This equipment is often used to cook tiny food items on a countertop. A big conventional oven may be replaced with a small toaster oven.

A smaller, more compact oven, such as a toaster oven, will heat up more quickly and consume less energy. When preparing a modest dinner that does not need the use of a conventional oven, many people turn to a toaster oven.

Many of these ovens are 12 inches long, making them easy to operate and conserving room in your kitchen.

3. Skillet

Stir-fries, cheesesteaks, mac n’ cheese, pizza, and a slew of other meals can all be cooked on a pan.

Skillets and conventional frying pans are often confused by the general public. Skillets have slanted sides or edges, which is the fundamental distinction between them.

This makes the skillet a better option for recipes like a stir fry, which needs a large number of components to be cooked at once.

Skillets come in a variety of sizes, but the most common is 12 inches in diameter or the length of the pan from side to side.

4. Towel rod

A towel rod is a rod that is attached to the wall of a bathroom and used to hold a towel. The standard height of a towel rack is 48 inches, or four feet, above the floor, but it may be lowered or raised to suit your needs.

As long as you have enough room, towel racks may also be used to keep towels. When using smaller towels, a 12-inch towel rod will do the job quite well. If you want a different size, we can accommodate that as well.

5. Loaf Pan

Making bread calls for the use of a loaf pan, which is also known as a bread pan. Metal, glass, or ceramic are the most common materials used to make these pans, which are designed to resemble a loaf of bread.

However, loaf pans may be used for a wide range of different purposes, including baking bread. Others use them to cook meatloaf, casseroles, veggies, and meats in marinades, among other things.

Many various loaf pans are available, including a 12-inch-long one.

6. Gift Box

A gift box is a strong square box that holds a present. Unlike wrapping paper, a present box is sturdy and protective. A gift box is meant to add value to a present.

Originally, the gift box held valuable items. Manufacturers claim a present box is more elegant than wrapping paper. Most gift boxes are usually 12 inches long.

7. Yoga Block

A common yoga prop is a yoga block. They improve your ability to do yoga postures. Yoga blocks made of wood, foam, or cork may be used to prop up your head and other portions of your body during practice.

4 x 6 x 9-inch yoga bricks are the most common size. For several exercises, you may use a 12-inch yoga block if you want.

8. Wall Clock

A wall clock is a common sight in most homes. They’re a frequent sight. In addition to announcing the time, wall clocks may also serve as a beautiful piece of art. 

To fill a blank spot on your wall, try hanging a wall clock. Sizes range from 6 inches across to 12 inches across when it comes to wall clocks.

9. Ipad Pro

A 12-inch iPad 2nd generation pro is the same height as a 12-inch iPad. This generation of the iPad is around 3 inches smaller than other iPads.

If you have an iPad Pro 2nd generation, you can see just how much longer 12 inches is.

10. Ruler

For many years, schools, building sites, and other locations have relied on the common ruler. Wooden, plastic, and metal rulers are often used for drawing straight lines and measurements.

Inches and centimeters may be measured with the help of the “hash marks” seen on rulers. 12 inches long rulers are the most prevalent in homes everywhere.

11. Two Salad Forks

When it comes to eating salads, you’ll want a salad fork, which is smaller than a dinner fork. One foot long is equivalent to the length of two salad forks, which are typically 6 inches long.

12. LED light strip

LED lighting is becoming more popular in houses. LED light strips may be used to illuminate kitchen countertops.

LEDs are low-cost and energy-efficient. Many are modern and would look wonderful in your house. A 12 inch LED light strip can light a whole room, act as a reading light, illuminate a cabinet, and more.

13. Box Fans

Box fans are relatively small in size but are very efficient for cooling a small space. They are also very affordable and in most instances 12 inches long.

Originally posted on January 1, 2022 @ 12:00 pm