6 Things That Are About 12 Meters (m) Long

Twelve is such a random number, isn’t it?

It is fairly rare to come across it let alone know of an item that is 12 meters long.

Well, in this article we have compiled a list of things that are 12 meters long. 

1. The Rolling Bridge 

The Rolling Bridge by Thomas Heatherwick, Paddington Basin2.jpg

The mechanism with which the bridge is powered is fluid and almost creepy. The bridge itself is 12 meters long and is meant to carry pedestrians across a small canal.

It sits on the list of some of the strongest bridges in the world and people sometimes visit Paddington just to enjoy the thrills of using the bridge. 

2. Colossal Squid 

This is one of the biggest aquatic animals in the world. Just as their name implies, colossal squids are gigantic. They are usually as long as 12 meters and they can even be longer.

They are so big that they can act as predators to shark whales which are other big animals. They have very sharp tentacles that have suckers in them and can be used to hurt other animals and fight off prey.

They can be found in the deepest part of the oceans and they have been classified as a species of least concern. 

3. Whale Shark

This animal belongs to the Elasmobranch family which are the cartilaginous fishes. These types of fish are the types to be found in tropical waters and can not be found at just any temperature.

Aside from their large size and length, a lot of other physical features make the whale shark easily noticeable underwater.

They are usually grey in color and white spots which can also be stripped. The length of the whale shark is not static, they often vary from 12 meters and can go as long as 18 meters. They can be found in large numbers in Australia. 

4. Goldstar 360 Boat

It’s especially enjoyable on the Goldstar 360, where you can readily imagine yourself with a glass of wine and a few goodies in hand.

The Goldstar 360 emanates a particular, ancient warmth, combining traditional and modern elements for true enjoyment. It is a true specimen of shipbuilding, with its bright naval blue, timeless teak, and thoughtfully designed interior.

It’s almost 12 meters long, with a comfortable broad stern, a magnificent interior saloon, two cabins, and huge seats on the bow, and is of classic timeless Italian style. Whether you’re looking for a romantic cruise or a thrilling speedboat trip, you’ll love this boat.

5. Church Of St. John the Baptist


Three semi-circular apses make up the altar space. The dome is supported by four huge pillars that form a cross. The walls of the church are smooth and unbroken.

The ornamental style’s customary ornate niches and ceramic plaques are absent from the outside. Over the entryway, in the jagged cornices, and around the windows, bricks were employed as a decorative accent.

Some frescoes from later times have been preserved in the church. The donor’s and his contemporaries’ faded portraits on the southern wall, as well as the fragments beneath the dome, are from the 14th century, while the rest are from the 16th and 17th centuries.

6. Lingshan Julong

The ape-man cave, Julong hall, and underground labyrinth are the three sections of Julong cave.

The ape man’s ancient cave is hundreds of meters long. The ancient ape-man left a 12 meter long, 3 meters thick, and 2-meter deep ash deposit in the cave, which is unusual in China.

There is a layer of old animal fossils in the depths of the cave wall that date back 260000 years.