6 Things That Are About 13 Feet (ft) Long

“Feet” is one of the oldest units of measurement in the world and it is widely accepted by different word countries.

For ignorant but curious people, one foot as a unit of measurement is a combination of 12 inches.

That goes to show that feet are not very long or tall and that should give you an idea of the kinds of things that will be discussed in this list.

Read to the end to find out what things, especially animals are 13 feet tall.

1. 2 Refrigerators

Standard refrigerators are one of the most common household items in the world. They can be found especially in the homes of middle-class people and those that occupy the upper echelon of society.

The refrigerator is usually 6 feet long. This height is made this way for the refrigerator to be able to contain all possible food items without having them compressed and lacking air.

Since a single refrigerator is around 6 feet and no two refrigerators are of the same height, it is safe to assume that two refrigerators on top of each other will be 13 feet long.

2. Garage door 

Have you ever paused to take a second look at your garage door and wondered what length it will be? Whether or not you have done that, you have your answer in this article.

The garage door is a type of door that can either be manual or electric and it serves as security to the garage itself. 

To offset the weight of the door and lessen the amount of human or motor effort required to operate it, the operating mechanism is spring-loaded or counterbalanced.

Some garage doors move or swing horizontally, which is less common. A garage door is usually 13 feet long and it can be made of wood, fiberglass, or metal.

3. Elephant

Elephants are popular for a lot of reasons and their height is one of the reasons. With its big ears, tusk, and heavyweight body size, the elephant is one of the most easily noticeable animals in the world.

This explains the etymology of their name which is from a Latin term that meant “large arch.” 

There are different types of elephants namely; African bush elephants, Indian elephants, Asian elephants, Straight tusked elephants among others.

One thing that is common to all of them is that they are all 13 feet long. Elephants are known to be large consumers and can eat up to 200 species of plants every year.

4. 13 Rulers

When it comes to the measurement of things there is no better object to use than a ruler. It is a plastic or wooden object that is used to measure other things and to draw lines.

A wide range of persons use the ruler daily, from students to carpenters and engineers. There are also other variants of the ruler, some of which are longer and more flexible.

A ruler is usually one foot long and if you place thirteen of those together, you will have 13 feet and you can use it to measure whatever you wish. 

5. 3 Hockey Nets

The hockey net is an integral part of the hockey game. This is because if the ball doesn’t go behind the net, each team does not have a point and the game is not fun or competitive that way.

A regular hockey net is usually rectangular with a net attached to the back of it. 

The goalposts in hockey games are usually colored with red for them to stand out from the white background according to the imposed NHL standard.

Since one hockey goal post is 4 feet, the addition of two other goalposts will leave one with around 13 feet.

6. Sugar Hollow Road Bridge

The Sugar Hollow Road bridge, which spans an offshoot of Sugar Hollow Creek and was erected in 1932 and repaired in 1997, is a steel I-beam construction. It measures 13 feet in length.

The bridge is near PA 115, at the western end of Sugar Hollow Road. A recent inspection of the structure revealed considerable bridge weakness.

The recent flooding of Tropical Storm Ida caused the weakening. This has led to the closure of the bridge in the meantime.