7 Things That Are About 19 Meters (m) Long

It is partially part of human nature to be amazed by bigger and taller things, both in structures and in nature.

Even toddlers try to stack blocks as high as they can until they tumble down. At a young age, it seems it is in us to stretch the limits of height.

While it is common knowledge that a football field is 100 yards and an Olympic swimming pool is 50 meters the exact measurements in terms of length of a lot of edifices or structures are not known to a lot of people.

Exactly how big are the buildings we pass by every day or the sites we learn about in school? How many things measure up to a length of 19 meters?

Here’s a list of things that are 19 meters long – in terms that are easy to understand.

1. The Illinois Memorial

It is also known as the Illinois State Memorial and the Illinois Monument. It is a public memorial located at Vicksburg National Military Park in Vicksburg, Mississippi, United States.

Dedicated in 1906, it honors the Union Army soldiers from Illinois who fought in the siege of Vicksburg during the Vicksburg campaign of the American Civil War.

It was designed by architect William Le Baron Jenney and sculptor Charles Mulligan and it is known to the locals as Echo Hall or the Holler House and it stands at a height of exactly 62 feet (19 meters). 

2. The Archaeological Site Of Kuelap

Kuélap is a large pre-Columbian walled city, fortress (debated), or temple complex built by the Chachapoyas, also called the “Warriors of the Clouds”, a culture of the Andes living in the cloud forests of the southern part of the Department of Amazonas of present-day Peru. 

The historical archaeological site constructed by the Chachapoyas pre-Inca culture in about 800 AD, is a massive exterior of stone walls that rise to 19 meters (62 feet) and contains more than four hundred buildings.

3. The Şile Feneri

The Şile Feneri, a historical lighthouse still in use, is located on the western Black Sea coast in the northeast town Şile of Istanbul Province, Turkey.  

It has a height of 19 m (62 ft) and was commissioned by the Ottoman sultan Abdülmecid I (1839–1861). It was constructed in 1859 by French engineers and by 1860, the lighthouse went into service. 

The tower with a gallery around the lantern room has the form of an octagonal prism. A masonry one-story keeper’s house is attached to it.

The lighthouse is painted white with narrow black horizontal bands. Initially, the lighthouse was lit by kerosene, however, the light source was later replaced by Dalén light using carbide (acetylene gas). Since 1968, it has run on electricity.

4. Capo Spartivento lighthouse

Capo Spartivento Lighthouse (Italian: Faro di Capo Spartivento) is an active lighthouse located on Cape Spartivento promontory which is the southernmost point of Sardinia and represents the eastern boundary of the Gulf of Teulada and the western limit of the Gulf of Cagliari on the Tyrrhenian Sea. 

The lighthouse was built in 1866 and consists of a masonry cylindrical tower, 19 meters (62 ft) high, with a balcony and lantern rising from a 2-story keeper’s house.

The building, painted in red with white trim, was in poor condition and was restored in 2006 and transformed into a luxury resort, with four suites and a swimming pool, as the adjacent building. 

The tower is painted white and the lantern, which mounts a Type OR T3 optics with a focal length of 125mm.

The light is positioned at 81 meters (266 ft) above sea level and emits two white flashes in 10 seconds visible up to a distance of 22 nautical miles (41 km; 25 mi).

5. The Arc at Green School 

The Arc is the newest building on campus at the world-renowned Green School in Bali, Indonesia.

The school has a 12-year history of breaking boundaries and expanding horizons and the Arc is the newest benchmark in that history, raising the bar for sustainable education around the world. 

The first building of its kind ever made, The Arc at Green School is built from a series of intersecting 14-meter tall bamboo arches spanning 19 meters, interconnected by anticlastic grid shells which derive their strength from curving in two opposite directions. 

The Arc is a feat of engineering; it required months of research and development and fine-tuning of tailor-made details. The result is a refined design with unparalleled beauty, which stands as a testament to IBUKU’s commitment to expanding horizons in architecture and design.

6. Turin 2015 Christmas Tree

A fantastic Christmas tree makes your family’s Xmas extra special, so families make sure not to miss out on the amazing great quality trees available all around, including artificial, pre-lit, fiber optic, and snowy style trees in a variety of sizes to suit their homes and needs.

While you must have seen different kinds of Christmas trees, the Turin 2015 Christmas tree is not like anything you’ve seen before.

Boasting itself as one of the most spectacular Christmas trees ever seen. The 19-meter tree by Marianolight featured 223 elements of the luminaire, 43 thousand LED lamps, and 25,000 micro-lights sparkled in Italy.

7. Anadolu Lighthouse

Anadolu Feneri is a historical lighthouse still in use, which is located on the Asian side of Bosphorus, Black Sea entrance in Istanbul.

The height is about 19 meters long. Today the light source is electricity, however, a butane gas lighting system is also available for backup purposes.

Originally posted on December 8, 2021 @ 10:57 am